Amazing App Store ratings for Battle Squadron ONE

After just a few weeks on the App Store, Battle Squadron ONE has received 5 stars in an astonishing 92% of the 50+ ratings – from throughout the world.
At Cope-Com we are proud of the highly positive feedback that is “ticking in” from fans of our first iOS release. Below are a few quotes from the ratings:
UK: Wow … Oh my goodness, this game is AWESOME!
USA: new favorite iOS shooter! … I’ve never played the amiga original but you can tell that the developers cared about translating to iOS. lovingly adapted. highly recommend.
Germany: Danke, danke, danke! … Lässt sich nicht so einfach spielen, da ich schon bei der Titelmusik Freudentränen in den Augen hatte.:0)
Switzerland: One of the best shoot em up … Battle squadron 1 is definitely one of the best arcade shoot of all time.
Sweden: Wehoo! … Det här är det bästa spelet någonsin vågar jag lova! … 10 gånger bättre och mer genomtänkt än någon av de andra flygspelen på app store! Tack!
USA: The best shooter of all time … I say that without hesitation. From the stellar gameplay to the incredible music and sound effects.
Spain: Increíble tengo un Amiga en mi iPad ! … Estoy feliz, he reencontrado las sensaciones que tenía jugando a este inmejorable shoot’hem up !
Italy: Da prendere! … Per tutti gli amanti del Retrogaming, ma non solo … Eccezionale!
Netherlands: Battle Squadron One … Greatest shooter ever made with a superb musical score. Fantastic!
France: Une belle adaptation d’un classique de l’amiga … Impossible de ne pas succomber, que l’on soit fan de retrogaming ou amateur de shoot’em up !
Denmark: Kanon underholdning … Super spil, mega underholdning… Vi vil ha mer !!!!
Australia: Battle Squadron Yeahhh! … IT IS AWESOME!!!!! … Expect to see GREAT things from Cope-Com in future folks. They’ve got the touch.
USA: Great SCHMUP!!! … What are you doing reading this? Go on and buy it! Can’t recommend it enough!
Future upgrades for Battle Squadron include:
– 2-player
– Game Center Achievements
– Enhanced controls
– And much, much more …
After the 4-week introductory “half off” the price for Battle Squadron will go up to $3.99 after August 2. Be sure to get your “copy” and future upgrades at the reduced price.

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