Air Commodore

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Top 20

(Ranking updated 30.01.2012)

01. 7,419,725 – [M.M.M.]
02. 1,269,675 – vin.shinobi

03. 1,242,950 – Daytona675xx
04. 1,112,275 – Vakum.  
05. 657,825 – Fieselbach
06. 652,775 – louddarkrevenge
07. 253,475 – ohmm3
08. 248,675 – Decca UK
09. 161,850 – menneisyys5
10. 156,450 – Sobtanian
11. 143,725 – bbr8297brmprie
12. 126,150 – zedblade666
13. 123,275 – Zro Dfects
14. 112,850 – bigfierydragon
15. 93,225 – NoSkillButLuck
16. 75,675 – nicabarney
17. 62,225 – RuppertChomsky
18. 55,250 – VejleBoldklub
19. 52,000 – katane
20. 50,900 – blumentopferde

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21 thoughts on “Air Commodore”

  1. Oh boy, I wonder what lord/lady M.M.M. is doing the whole day! I mean, >5.000.000, despite being really tough, just takes hours over hours to play. I bet (s)he’s a teenager who’s parents are retro-fans. Got his first Amiga at the age of 0. Phew, this is unreal 😛

    1. Wow, that is an incredibly high score on “Air Commodore”!! … almost humanly impossible… Maybe M.M.M. is not a “he” or “she”, but rather an acronym of a computer controlled control algorithm that plays Battle Squadron ONE perfectly 😉

        1. I’m guessing (s)he had a 2nd player involved… What I found the most hardest about this mode is getting all the powerups to the highest max level first. With a 2nd player on your side you can concentrate on collecting all your weaponary better.

          Zro Dfects

      1. is it possible for you to see how many has managed to completed the game in air commander mode? (completed that achievement)

        1. Hi Vakum, Not as far as I know. You can only see what “your friends” in Game Center have achieved. Furthermore, there is a separate “sandbox” environment, with separate scores/achievements, you access during app development 😉 The bullet speed should however increase every other time you have overflown the surface, so it should still become more difficult 😉

          1. Yeah, too bad, that “sandbox” I mean… Otherwise I’d already have “corrected” that M.M.M.-issue here 🙂

    1. Yeah, I decided to leave the minor difficulty levels to the kids and concentrate on the more manly one.
      New slogan for “Air Commodore”: separates the boys from the men 🙂

      1. Well, Daytona… then you need to shape up 😉 Somebody on the live Game Center list has about 50 more points than you 😉

        1. 🙂 Well, I didn’t say I’d be the only man in the world. But I have to admit: 50 points sucks… Too bad I don’t have time to play right now, I guess I have to think of another way to “adjust” this incident, harharhar 🙂

        2. 50? Do you have tomatoes on your eyes? It’s more like 650.000! Must say: hats down to Mr. [M.M.M.] 🙂

    1. Love the new difficulty, but damn, the new highscore with 2 mil is alot :p nice done M.M.M!

      1. Yeah! I just hope M.M.M. is a guy and no girl, otherwise my brilliant “boys / men” statement from above would make me look like a 100% complete idiot now 🙂

        1. You guys crack me up 🙂 LOL. Yes, that would make you like rather “off” 😉 Martin

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