Battle Squadron ONE on Android early 2012

Battle Squadron ONE coming to Android early 2012 !!
Cope-Com is proud to announce that we have teamed up with expert iOS/Android developer to bring our highly acclaimed shoot’em up Battle Squadron ONE to Android devices.
Battle Squadron ONE was released for iPhone/iPod/iPad devices in summer of 2011 (Battle Squadron ONE – Now on the App Store) and very recently had a major upgrade to version 2.0 – and with the captivating 2-player version for iPad, plus Achievements, and more (The first 2-player split-screen shoot’em up on iPad – Battle Squadron ONE).
Now here at the turn of the year into 2012, we have signed an agreement with to bring Battle Squadron ONE to Android devices for players all over the world, both phones and tablets.
Battle Squadron ONE was always planned for Android, but this agreement with has allowed us to fast track the release by many months… now early 2012 !!
On Android there will be the same fantastic features as on iOS. Battle Squadron ONE will run on major devices with Android 2.3 and above. It will naturally include the extremely fun 2-player split-screen mode on tablets (see the spectacular 2-player review here: iPhoneFreak).
Watch out for the coming YouTube video of Battle Squadron ONE on Android 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Battle Squadron ONE on Android early 2012”

  1. I heard a rumor from a very trustworthy resource that it’s already playable with music on Android 🙂

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