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  1. Hi,
    Some thoughts on controls.

    – In touch mode, the missile button is not easy to reach, can lead to frustration if it can’t be selected in time.
    Suggest to move it so that it’s near the centre edge of the screen (near the fire button).

    – I think autofire should be on by default, the enemies appear quite quickly and I think easing the early play experience for the player would be helpful.

    – If the player loses their lives and then continues with their next credit, the autofire is disabled. It would be a nice touch to remember that autofire is on (if it was).


    1. I had the same thought on the last point as late as yesterday 😉 And yes, auto-fire would be good to have on per default… Regarding the M button, I am not 100% clear what you mean. Do you mean in landscape or portrait (or both)? Should the fire button just be moved up a bit in landscape? Would there not be a risk of hitting it by accident if it is too close to fire?

      1. Ah great minds think alike 🙂 For the missile button I thought in landscape mode it could be near the fire button. As I use autofire I rarely need to touch it, so I’d personally prefer the missile button there. Not sure where you’d put it in portrait mode, ideally I’d just like to touch with a second finger (multi-touch), but this will probably require too much coding at this stage.

        1. We could of course switch the fire and missile buttons, but for people who like to push fire themselves this would probably have a negative impact… To avoid too many small options in the game, I think we will leave as it is… and hope you will still make it (most of the time) 😉

  2. Hi Martin,

    Good to know, cause I was about to do a video to show the bug.

  3. Hi again
    I think that one game method to play is missing
    My idea is to copy the joystick methods but instead of having a virtual joystick displayed the all area not just the joystick area becomes a touch environment
    Being in portrait or landscape that way you’ve the advantage of touch without it’s disadvantage ie screen hidden by your fingers
    What so you guys and beta testers think?
    Maybe it could replace one touch feature or add one to the joystick which has only one so no broken rules here 😉

    1. Hi Kamel, I definitely like the basic of the idea 🙂 Some issues could be that the area is not large enough for “lengthy” movements. Another could be that the buttons may get in the way. We will keep it in mind, but for now we are at a point where we need to finish up BS ONE and get it on the App Store 🙂

      1. Knowing that the all area is touch area you don’t have to be at any given point to move in the direction you want to and for large movement see what apple has done with safari move slow go near, move fast go far.

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