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  1. Hi
    Nothing indicates in the information screen that you’ve to tap the screen to see the other then quit 🙂

    1. That is true. We could of course easily “implement” this. But with smart phones is the most intuitive, and common thing, not to just “tap the screen” when you want to move onwards? We could of course be wrong 😉

  2. Hi
    1) playing portrait while playing do a 180 shift still in portrait but the game doesn’t detect that I moved to 180 degrees so the game is upside down.
    2) Same problem if you play in portrait quit, comeback in portrait but the opposite one (180 degrees shift)

    3) playing landscape mode (iphone button on the right) shift to portrait left (button now on the top) the game still play in landscape.
    4) playing landscape mode (iphone button on the right) shift to portrait right (button now on the bottom) the game play correctly.
    Same problem if you do that by quitting and comeback in the position describe 3)

    I assume that the same problem occurs using the pause button.

    Others combinations work but verify in case 🙂

    1. Hi Kamel, Thanks for checking out the whole rotating code. It turned out to be a bit complex, so there could be errors. There is however no real good reason to play with the home button on top 😉 so the game does not support this orientation.

      1. I’ve one good reason for pure logic 🙂
        Left handed playing in portrait will cover the speaker with it’s palm the music and sound will be then barely audible 🙂
        Work fine if the iPhone is upside down 🙂

        1. That is indeed a very good reason 🙂 I however think it can be avoided by holding the device slightly differently. Revising all the rotating code at this point would require an disproportional amount of work 😉

          1. Is beta3 the last one? If of course no show stopper are found?

            1. At this point we count on a beta4… for a quick check of Game Center 🙂 … and other improvements which have been suggested 😉

  3. Don’t know if its on purpose but when the control settings is touch direct or normal, the areas where you’ve the icons (fire, pause, bomb, resume/pause) are touch areas.
    I can move the ship by moving my finger like a virtual joystick.
    That make me think of a new layout in virtual joystick mode, it would be nice to (in portrait mode) put the virtual joystick in the middle and put the buttons (fire/bomb) on the right and left. I found that layout easier to play and more enjoyable.


    1. I thought you did not like playing with joypad? 😉 Yes, that would be a good option to put the joypad in the middle in portrait mode. It however depends a bit how you hold the phone. I put it on the list, but it should ideally be made in a way that does not require any new options settings etc. 😉 Breaking with this “rule” you could have 3 joypad settings icons: left, center, right. Where center however would not make sense for landscape…

      1. I feel more comfortable to have my thumb in the middle its a better position, on the right I’ve to force it that way so it doesn’t feel natural but I suppose it depends on the size of your hand/fingers.

  4. Hi,
    1) the bug found in beta2 is still reproducible in beta3. Using virtual joystick going to one direction, you got a call, notification…Back to BS the joystick still has the last position set and move in that direction until you hit the joystick again.

    2) Not a bug but a bit annoying, I’m gonna guess that maybe Martin is left handed :), what I mean is that when you use the virtual joystick, it appears at start in the left, then if you do nothing it is set to the right automatically. Knowing that 70 to 90% are right handed I suppose that its a good idea to put the virtual joystick in the right by default. Doing this, most people won’t change the settings, and it won’t change. Maybe adding a settings to have it in the left or the right could be done…, or at least once choosen for the first time start it by default on that position. (mostly right handed settings to left handed I suppose)
    I know that arcade machin have the joystick in the left and while being right handed myselft I do play with my left hand on arcade machines. The fact that on the Iphone you hold the Iphone with you right hand (like me) its “normal” to have joystick in there.
    Maybe its another story on the Ipad cause you’ve to hold it with your 2 hands, virtual joystick I suppose is better set in the left for it.
    What do you think ?


    1. I should add that I speak for portrait mode.
      On landscape having it on the left is quite good, so maybe having it on the right is only good in portrait mode for small devices like iphone or ipod touch.


      1. Hi Kamel, You are quite right: I am left handed 😉 I understand your analysis on the left/right joypad issue. It is a bit of a judgement call. If you let the left/right be opposite in landscape/portrait that could lead to some confusion 😉 As you also point out it also depends a bit how you hold the device. Since it is fairly easy for the player to choose easy (touch joypad once within 5 seconds, or not) I think the easiest will be to leave it like it is… it also fits the “arcade style” 🙂

        Regarding point 1, I was not able to reproduce it initially, but I will give it another try. One explanation could be differences in the hardware response on iPhone 3GS and 4… but that is a bit of an exotic explanation of course. In any case I could clear the variable 🙂 Martin

        1. How does your customers will know about that 5 seconds choice? What if they don’t like it and wanna change during play?

          1. The “5 second rule” is described under the new instructions and description of strategy… you did not miss those, did you? 😉 Most people are left or right handed, and will stick to this for the whole game, so I think they it should be okay they choose once at the beginning 😉

    2. After not initially observing this problem point 1 has now been resolved 🙂 A bit of code had “accidentally” been commented out… at one point 😉

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