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    1. Hi Kamel,
      Yes it is a fine cover, although I didn’t draw that one. Since the image is used as a box cover and we have moved on into the digital distribution age the image doesn’t really fit into the overall current project layout as we see it 😉

  1. Make d-pad control smaller, put it in the black area in landscape mode. I prefer the left side for the d-pad, but should be able to work on either side. On the opposite side could be a large fire button for those who like to fire manually, while above that there could be a small button to alternate between manual fire and auto-fire. Below the fire button could be the bomb button.

    The game Gun Brothers has a really good, small d-pad that you could take a look at.

    One last thing, not control related, is the menu screen. The image is stretched and looks very “low-budget” as a result.

    Other than that, it’s great seeing this game get the attention and love I feel it deserves.

    1. Yes, the d-pad will go out in the back area and stay fixed in landscape (and at the bottom in portrait mode as somebody suggested). Somebody else also suggested to combine the two back areas in landscape. We will just have to experiment a bit with this.
      We have tried to avoid too many buttons to avoid obscuring the picture. That is why auto-fire is turned on/off with the buttons itself. We might try something where all buttons disappear, but stay active, to have a “clean” view.
      I can see the issue with the menu screen image – that it is slightly stretched. It is a bit a judgement call whether to do this or have black edges, which also would not be perfect 😉 and then of course have the original loader image. On iPad the loader image is of course in better proportions 🙂

      1. Personally, I think black borders are better than a skewed image. When an image looks stretched or fuzzy in any way people tend to view that as a sign of unprofessional development (in my opinion, anyway).

        1. We will return the “loader image” to a more crisp pixelated version in beta2 🙂 Hopefully most people will not notice if the image is a bit “stretched” (on iPhone), so that should hopefully be ok… 😉

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