This section concerns all Controls issues that you may encounter during your beta-testing. When commenting/reporting, please make it as detailed as possible.  🙂

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  1. kamelito says:

    Well if you want it to be elegant why then put a message in red stating that its calibrating ? 🙂
    I’m with you on this, it, the player shouldn’t matter such technical things this way we get a better experience.


    • Cope-Com says:

      Yes, it would be ideal to avoid the onscreen message, but unfortunately not everything is 100% intuitive 😉 By having the calibration occur ingame one avoids jumping in and out of menus 🙂

  2. kamelito says:

    tilt mode can bring its problems if you do not hold your iphone in the desired position at the beginning of the game.
    When the game start the tilt mode is calibrating, but I was starting to play and hold my iphone almost vertically then I put it in the position I wanted to play and then the ship was going on top of the screen.
    Its not a bug per se, but it can be annoying, how the player should handle its device to have a good play experience? I think it may not be that obvious. Once the calibration is calulated for portrait or landscape then it’ll stick to it.
    Don’t know if many will face the issue but its something to keep in mind, maybe find a way to recalibrate at the user request? (not ideal)

    Maybe its just me

    • Eric says:

      Actually, recalibrating “on demand” is pretty standard, and I think it would be acceptable. Even if you thought you had the device “right” when it calibrated the first time, you might decide you want to recalibrate anyway, so calibrating “on the fly” would be a decent feature.

      • Cope-Com says:

        We did also think about having a “function” for this, but thought it was more “elegant” to just have it calibrate automatically when changing the orientation… though it is of course not obvious that it functions like this… maybe we will write a short onscreen message at the beginning 🙂

    • Cope-Com says:

      A simple solution would be to re-start the game 😉 But actually when changing the orientation of the device calibration starts over again. So that is a way to have re-calibration during the game 🙂

  3. kamelito says:

    Time to test it to be sure, more comments will maybe come with the beta2.
    If I can finish the game while being proud of my flight skills and enjoy the experience then it’ll be a big win for me. For now its too frustrating and so the experience do not match the one of the good old day 🙂

    Thanks for taking care of our feedbacks.


    • Cope-Com says:

      You are welcome. It is also good for us to get the feedback 🙂 The difficulty has now been adjusted according to what was stated in the other post (with minor differences). The beta2 version should be ready in a weeks time… and will be sent around 🙂

  4. kamelito says:

    I’m saying that because when I’m in landscape I play with my 2 hands, while when I play in portrait I only use my right hand.


  5. kamelito says:

    I think that no bullets fired upwards in easy mode is a must have feature.
    As for the combined control I spoke about I think that in landscape mode the tilt should be used to go right and left and the slider to go up/down.
    But this also could be implemented in portrait mode especially for the iphone but this time the slider should be used to go left and right and the tilt mode to go up/down.
    Both slider a la ZX Spectrum could be nice too, it has to be tried IMHO.

    What do you think ?

    • Eric says:

      I think testing as many control schemes as possible without delaying game release is a good idea. However, I don’t like the idea of implementing one control scheme in portrait and another in landscape. I think a given control scheme should stay consistent between orientations so as not to get too confusing.

      • Cope-Com says:

        Yes, the ideal situation if definitely to not have too many variations of the controls… to keep it as obvious as possible 🙂

    • Cope-Com says:

      We actually decided on this yesterday based on your input: to not have any bullets fire upwards in “Easy mode”… at least to try it out in the coming beta2 version. We did this after working on setting up a “Shield” function (actually got quite a bit done), but then deciding to keep more in line with the original game play. For beta2 we now plan on testing the following 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Amiga.

      Amiga (=Hard): 100% like the Amiga (which is how Medium is in the beta1 version). Probably, no need to have something harder than this 😉

      Medium (default): You have 5 lives. Instead of losing half your weapon upgrade when you get hit like on the Amiga (from fx. 3 to 1 – on a scale of 0-5) you only go down one unit, i.e. from 3 to 2. The collision check is also less stringent. This difficulty level could also be called “iOS”.

      Easy: Like Medium, but with bullets not firing upwards.

      Comments/ideas? To not delay beta2, we will probably adjust the current control schemes and then wait with radically new ones for a later version 🙂

      • Eric says:

        For me this will have to be kind of a “wait and see”. I’m not really sure the problem with easy lies simply in the fact that there are shots being fired from behind, so I will be curious to see if that really makes the game that much easier or not. I do like the fact that weapons upgrades won’t be as drastically reduced. That might actually make a bigger difference.

        Any thoughts on when the next beta might be released?

        • Cope-Com says:

          Yes, it is very difficulty to predict “on paper” 😉 Actually, the new “Medium” (default) is really what should make the game a lot easier than now (should have been clearer in my post). The new “Easy” (with no shots from behind) is just for those who want to bring the difficulty down a notch further 😉

          We are looking at a release date of beta2 in about a weeks time 🙂


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