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  1. Copycat
    I am not sure that it is a good dea but why not copy the way Apple Handle the magnify icon when your input device is the finger.
    The ship will always be displayed above your finger for you to see what it’s incoming to it.
    You can already try to do that with the actual implementation but it’s more manual.

  2. Nice to hear, I thought of the size thumb issue, how about a way to specify it?
    By having differnents sizes or let the user defined it, of course if you find a way to calibrate the thumb size by rotating it in all directions that would be perfect 🙂

    1. I think it is an interesting new way to use the touch-type control. It may however me a bit of a “niche” method 😉 We would like to avoid too many settings, and at maximum there should be two pre-fixed settings for each method (like for tilt and “normal” touch). I think we will see what the feedback will be from beta3 until we start making any adjustments…

      1. I can understand this but to me this is what is the closest to a real joystick but we’ve to test it in real life I agree It is a niche, but shoothem’up games are a niche too 🙂
        IIRC Treasure who did Radian Silvergun, Ikaruga, Gradius V…says that the target was something like 50 000 which is very low compared to FPS for instance…

        But in the end of the day you’ve to ship BS 🙂
        Steve Jobs says “Real Artists Ship” if you’re an Apple fan you may read others stories about it.



      1. Hi Kamel, Thanks for taking your time to make the video to explain it 🙂 I tried it out myself and it works fine. Actually, the joypad i beta3 supports exactly this type of movement… just tried myself 😉 There can however potentially be some issues with calibration, maybe depending on thumb size etc. Thanks, Martin

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