20 thoughts on “Disruptions”

  1. How about 2 high score one for cheater and one for honest guys 🙂
    I just mean high score are only worth it if there’s only one if cheat mode is not in the list
    I suppose that the 2 players mode will feature it’s own highscore

    1. The plan is to have a single score list and a total score list for each ingame “rank” setting and 2 player wire would also get its own score table or leaderboard as some would call it 🙂
      The single/total scores and the number of little “X” you pick up would be calculated on the score tables 🙂

      1. Don’t tell anybody 😉 but it is: fly to the button right corner and then to the top right corner (without much delay). It does not function when using “big finger” control. We will naturally remove this “simple” activation of cheat mode (Kamel activated it by “chance”) in the final version 😉

        1. Oh great!

          I got a chance to play through the whole game, which I doubt I would have done without it. There is so much more to this game than the first few screens 😉 Great ending also btw.

          But I understand that you don’t want to make too easy, because it is not THAT lenghty. With cheat mode, I got through everything in 10-15 minutes I guess.

          I also noticed that once you get a decent firepower upgrade, the game is not that difficult again. But it is a bit steep, since at the beginning it can be very hard to just get one upgrade.

          1. Great to hear you made it… and thanks for you comment on the ending etc. 🙂 It is not one of the “longest” shooters, but I guess it takes like 25 minutes to complete… And yes, with more fire power it does become a lot easier 😉 The difficulty may have to be fine tuned a bit more…

  2. Very focused with the right weapon with the highest upgrade
    Save missiles for criticals parts, know enemies patterns make pauses
    Don’t be stressed music and sound effects could change your humor
    My preference the orange or the green

    I’ll do my best to finish it without cheating

    1. After a while one starts to discover, that some weapons works better on certain sections within the game in combination with or without autofire 🙂

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