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  1. Play once, you quit and click on the button to display the BS story the gfx where the buttons and joystick should be displayed appears on that screen. Both in portrait and landscape mode, the first time in landscape it was displayed on both sides.
    Not sure for now if the network had an impact on this. Poor to no connection in the train 🙂

    1. It is simply because the panels are “always” printed. I will of course correct it so they are only shown when they should be 😉

  2. 1) its seems that you’re checking the display of the leaderboards icon during task switching
    So If I’m in the screen with all the buttons I switch to another app and comeback to BS I see the leaderboard icon dissappearing and re-appearing, it can take up to 4 seconds which is a bit “weird”. I suppose that if the network is slower it can be slower too to be refreshed.

    2) do the same but switch to iphone option and activate the fly mode (no netword) comeback to BS, a message is displayed stating “could not connect to game center server” “retry/cancel” hit retry the leadboards are displayed but as I don’t have network I suppose that you display the local version as said before hitting retry make you believe that the retry worked.


    1. Yes, there is no button until the user is logged properly into Game Center (since he cannot access the leaderboard until then). What we may do instead of showing “nothing” is to show an icon similar to the current one, but which is clearly not active 😉

  3. launch BS in landscape mode
    result welcome back is displayed in portrait mode

    1. Can see you did not read the beta4 mail carefully 😉 This will be fixed in the final version… small thing…

      1. I think my eyes where not in their placeholders a bit like the buttons

  4. play in landscape
    click two times in that position to switch to another app
    result : don’t know why BS screen is rotating and is frozen in a rotated position, it was not like that before. I was not moving the iphone so tilt is not doing this.

    1. Yes, this problem appeared a couple of versions ago. At that point the game actually got completely stuck! The reason is that when you activate the multi-tasking bar iOS goes back to portrait (and sends a signal that the device is rotated, which I don’t think I can work around). You can continue the game by pushing anywhere… previously the play button could have gone off screen and could be inaccessible… so you were stuck 😉

  5. when you enter a inner level, the buttons and joystick are not shown anymore. We just see the placeholder they were in. Once inside they’re displayed again which is a bit odd to me.
    As for the new buttons etc they’re nice congrats Torben but I found the colors too contrasted compared to the actual game play area gfx, but I need to adapt here a bit, for now its too new.
    PS nice to have autofire enabled by default.

    1. same problem when you’re game over, the highscore appears and the buttons and joystick are not displayed

      1. 1) same problem if you launch BS in landscape mode in joystick mode, the button is not displayed beside the joystick if you do nothing the joystick is displayed at the right and the button is then displayed.
        2) more problematic same config as above but this time click the joystick so it remains at the left, now the button is not displayed at all while playing

        1. same problem when in tilt or touch control in portrait, the upper left button is not displayed

          1. I fully understand what you mean… and your point. The reason is that the pause button is always on the right. When you push pause the return button appears in the empty field (on the left). I personally find it ok with an empty button space (you don’t want to always show the return button as you could hit it by mistake then) 😉

            1. Maybe you can display it but lower the color to indicate that it’s disabled ? 🙂

      2. Yes, it went a bit fast with incorporating the panels (or placeholders). I will fix it so that their presence matches the buttons. Great to hear you like the buttons 🙂 They are intended to be a bit discreet, compared to the previous ones. Maybe that is why you find the contrast a bit high?

        1. Well I meant that’s it can maybe be in the same tone as the display area so it feel more integrated kind of the same block. But I mostly think that I need some time to accommodate 🙂

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