3 thoughts on “Graphics”

  1. Not a bug per se, but in landscape mode, at the beginning of the game if you click on the zoom button you’ll have the texts displayed explaining the buttons beside them but as you’re in the zoom mode then you only have the texts which then is less meaningfull.


  2. for me, i have a problem with the logo of the app, its too clear, i has to be more simple, design;
    its blured!
    in the whole, i think the game definition is too blured, not a good definition;
    and the design of the buttons are not very professionnel for me; its would be better in metal or more designed; but i think the option without buttons is good;

    on my ipad, the image of the debut page of the game is very pixelisated;
    and blured;
    i think the game should have a better definition on ipad;

    1. Hi Christophe,
      Some of the reasons why pixels can appear a little blurred, is due to pixel interpolation. Since the game is a straight conversion from the Amiga, the original squared pixel appearence didn’t look desirable on much higher resolutions. For that reason a slight pixel interpolation was chosen to minimize the hard squared pixel look. The intro image in beta2 has had the blurred taken out and only left with a slight pixel interpolation in order to make a softer look and appear closer to the original. 🙂

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