This section is about updates and info in regards to beta-testing.


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  1. kamelito says:

    Cool beta2 is coming :o)

  2. Cope-Com says:

    Thanks for all your feedback “beta-testers” 🙂 We are still working on implementing these. BSONEbeta2 will be sent out within a couple of days – to all the beta-testers who have posted on the blog or given detailed feedback per mail…

  3. Cope-Com says:

    Regarding beta2, please note that some beta-tester views are “opposite” of that of others… so it will be difficult to make a clear decision here 😉 We will also, at least initially, focus primarily on issues where several beta-testers have asked for improvements, e.g. difficulty and controls 🙂

    Thanks for your detailed feedback. It is highly valuable to us 🙂


  4. Hi Guys,

    Will you be sending out an updated version of the game based on the feedback so far?

    It’s usually better if we can test a succession of builds rather than giving you lots of feedback on one single build.


    • Cope-Com says:

      Hi Graham, Yes. It is indeed our plan to send out an updated version with the suggested improvements… to have an iterative process 🙂 Right now we are looking at a BSONEbeta2 in about 10 days, but it could be change depending on the comments to come 😉


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