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  1. Hi Guys,
    The game is coming on well, better with each version. Some comments on Beta 3:

    Feedback for ‘Other’
    The purpose of the three icons is not clear. We’ve all lived with the game for months now and know what they do, but I’ve showed the screen to a few people and the icons are not immediately obvious. This is especially true for the ‘settings’ and ‘question mark’ icons.

    I would suggest to add textual labels to remove any ambiguity for the player, such as:
    – Play
    – Change Settings
    – How To Play

    I think a few changes would benefit this menu option, perhaps introduce a new first screen.

    Screen 1 in ‘How to play’
    Firstly, let the player know that their ship’s weapons can be upgraded. Also let them know how many levels of upgrade are available (5 or 6 is it)? Also, what do the different weapon colours represent (red, green, blue, orange etc).
    Also let them know that they can collect Missiles and what these do.
    When introducing these concepts, SHOW the player the following (via an annotated screenshot)
    – what each weapon type looks like (this should encourage them to try them all as well as instructing them they are available).
    – What the weapon power up ship looks like. Tell them they’ll have to destroy it to collect the weapon, not bump into it (as some players tried to do).
    – Show them what a missile icon looks like and what it does (and how to activate it).
    If this is too much info, cover on another screen.

    Screen 2 in ‘How to play’
    This is the current screen 1. The text needs to better describe what to do. E.g.
    The screen showing the instructions in 3 steps is not clear to new players.
    1 “Enter and destroy using big weapons” – Enter what? What are big weapons? Are they big when I start? Suggest perhaps that they should have upgraded their weapon to a level 3 before entering a lower level.
    Perhaps change text to: “Fight on the planet surface, collect power ups to build up your weapon strength”

    2. “Enter in any order” – enter what in any order?
    Suggest change to “Enter the three underworlds in any order”. We’ll come back to this later on also.

    3. “Destroy all underworlds to engage final enemy” – how many underworlds are there? Is the final enemy the most important thing, or is it to save the planet?
    Suggest change to “Beat all three underworlds to save the planet”

    Screen 3 in ‘How to Play’
    I think you should show the buttons via screenshot, this will help the player relate the instruction to the real in-game buttons.

    There’s no mention of the two touch controls, I think they should at least be mentioned here, what is the difference between them?

    Also, full screen mode and pause are not explained, let the player know.

    If iPad lock is not on, the icons ‘twitch’ furiously, seems the tilt code is very sensitive.

    There are two problems with the icons:
    1. All of them are not easily understandable, suggest to add help text to each:
    – Control method
    – Difficulty
    – Sound
    – Back
    – Story
    – Cope-Com website

    2. It is not clear that these buttons can be clicked on to make other options available.
    Possible solutions include
    – adding up / down arrows above / below Controls, Difficulty and Sound.
    – adding small circles above Controls, Difficulty and Sound, one circle for each option available. For example, there would be 4 small circles above Controls, with one of them white, the rest in a dark grey. I like this approach as it also shows the player the number of options available.
    – I’m sure you can think of 100 other ways to design this screen, but the main point is to let the player know which cones can be changed and which ones are just a one-touch option (i.e. some of these buttons select an option, others change the option but there is not visual indication of which is which).
    NB Be especially careful the the WWW icon as it takes the player out of the game experience, make sure to offer a dialog box explaining this and give them the option to say no.

    The ‘Enter Here’ regions all looks the same, yet each region is different. To help the player chose the order they can play the game, some indication of which underworld they are entering might be very useful.

    Hope this is helpful,

    1. Hi Graham, Thanks for the very detailed feedback and ideas. There are many very good ones in there 🙂 We are trying to wrap up the final beta these days… maybe even today. This beta will be the last one, but we will try to see how much we can get in there – still getting this whole thing wrapped up soon 🙂

      1. Most of these are minor issues, so it really is a case of just add them in if you get time (final polish). As long as the player understands the core mechanics of the game:
        – Collect power-ups
        – Beat 3 underworlds
        – Save the day 🙂

        1. Yes, if we need to have beta4 (final beta) ready later on today it is not realistic to put in all these otherwise nice ideas… but it does not mean that they cannot be included in the final version 😉

  2. Sorry can’t post where i Wang using my iPhone cause the beta menu is not working
    I’v just tested geometry fighter and before you play you have to choose between 3 size thumbs does it rings a bell? 🙂

    1. Hi Kamel,
      Size options is a good thing and should be used in any smartphone game made public. In regards to “beta-testers” menu on the website not working on iphone. Try to check if you have javascript and/or java disabled, cause it works fine on other smartphone brands 🙂

          1. Hi Kamel,
            Could be some CSS incompatibility html4 vs html5 with safari. Safari is known to be more “sensitive” to issues like these. I have only seen this issue on iPhone and iPod and it is like a flash content not showing. All other browsers and smartphone brand (android) I have tried, does not have this “sensitivity” 🙂

  3. Hi guys,

    As a Mac owner I was wondering if you plan to sell BS one through the MAC AppStore?

      1. Of course it is, i wanted to say as BS1 is OpenGL based it could be ported to the Mac.
        Eh I just noticed that bs1 is also an Amiga cracking group

        1. Currently it has not been decided, but if the arguments are heavy enough, maybe 🙂
          Yes, I have stumbled upon that old retro crack group on the internet a while back. We use Battle Squadron ONE and only use shortened abbreviations when very limited in number of characters 😉

  4. It’s great to target Amigans but is there a reason to avoid Genesis/Megadrive users?
    It could wider the audience and so spread BS one more…

    1. BS had/has a much greater backing on the Amiga, so that is the primary focus. But we should of course not forget the Genesis/Megadrive players of the time. Good point 🙂

  5. Where are you beta testers I feel so lonely so lonely…Lonely lonely lonely

    1. Oh well I am also here 🙂 Though I don’t have that much to say about the latest beta. Everything seems to work pretty well.

      1. Well I suppose that’s nice to hear that it work well too 🙂
        That way you know that you’re not alone, but i suppose that human mind always speak about problems but not when things are going well
        How about a new entry in the reports for people that are happy with the state of the game?

        1. Yes, that would be very nice to hear from those who have no more issues remaining… or only very minor issues. It would give a sense of closure for this process 🙂

      2. Hi jeppe,
        Always nice to hear. 🙂 Once Game Center is running… very soon, we were thinking of hurdling all beta testers through it 😉

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