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  1. Kamelito says:

    I just played a small game called doodle omg, very simple but addictive, I’ve rank #2 in their game center leader oards. Now I want to be #1 this lead me to an idea for BS how about a feature that send you a mail or a notifi ation when you loose your place in the leaderboard. Could be for the first 12 etc
    That way you can go back and play again is GC supporting this?
    Ps I might already wrote this

    • Cope-Com says:

      Yes, you mentioned this idea a few months back. It is indeed an interesting one 🙂 To not delay the release of BS ONE at this point I think it will be better suited for the 2-player update we are planning 🙂

  2. kamelito says:

    login GC
    See all time best score for squadron leader
    play BS in squadron leader
    The highscore is 1million while playing its not the GC highscore
    work fine with lieutenant and cadet

    • kamelito says:

      The problem seems to be that BS will display local highscore even if you’re logged in GC If you haven’t played in that categorie (cadet etc.).
      Once I played in squadron leader and have my score saved, BS did displayed in the game the right highscore, same one you see in the leaderboards.

      • Cope-Com says:

        Yes, from your additional description I can see how this is the case. The code takes the latest version of the downloaded list (from Game Center) and present the best score as the current highscore. Also, the code only downloads the list at the end of a game (when submitting the latest score and showing highscore list). It will cause additional “network traffic” to fix this, i.e. every time a game is started, so it might not be the best thing to change. After all, the highscore score is updated after just one game 🙂

  3. kamelito says:

    Launch BS while logged in GC
    Click leaderboards icon on BS
    Go to Leaderboards where you’ve Bravest Aviators Cadet, Lieutenant and Squadron Leader
    Click done
    Set preferences to cadet
    Click Leaderboards
    Cadet Leaderboards displayed
    Set preferences to Lieutenant
    Click Leaderboards
    Cadet Leaderboards displayed
    expected : it should be lieutenant leaderboards
    same for Squadron Leader
    It seems that it the cadet leaderboards who is always displayed, even if I played in Lieutenant before or Squadron Leader.

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