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  1. bailleau christophe says:

    i think the problem of the game is not the game itself, but the presentation , the design, who seems a little cheap (buttons, logo, app look, and so); a lot to do for this; but the game is good, and a little frustrating without an endless mode;

    • Cope-Com says:

      Hi Christophe,
      There are a fair amount of different opinions on how the intro etc. should appear. We have learned that trying to maintain the original look is the best way to go. Although options on the Amiga version didn’t seem to fit the way a smartphone handles. It was felt that refreshing it a little could be a fair solution with focus on symbols rather than text. Overall simplicity is prefered, thanks 🙂

  2. Kamelito says:

    Yeah I know it’s only in cadet mode.
    I went to the 2nd underworld level directly.https://cope-com.com/other_beta2/#comment-988 for a picture of the enemies.
    I’ll try to repro ton8
    See my post at

  3. kamelito says:

    I’ve seen at least these guys doing so kind of plants 🙂

  4. kamelito says:

    >On Cadet no bullets are fired upwards.
    Well this is not true for all areas, in the “underworld” enemies fire upward which is not easy to avoid to say the least 🙂
    I noticed that you didn’t implemented the tap anywhere in the playing area to fire missile 😦


    • Cope-Com says:

      Hmmm… will just have to check up on these bullets firing upwards… could have missed something there 😉 We seriously considered the “touch anywhere to fire mega-missile”. Since the player is already pushing fire (all the time) we think there would be a risk of mis-firing the mega-missile… which players would probably find to be frustrating 😉

    • Cope-Com says:

      I just went through the code again… and went through the 3 subterranean levels. There does not seem to be any bullets fired “upwards”?! Could you please say specifically where it is? Which level/enemy? Remember it is only when on Cadet that this “feature” is enabled 😉

  5. kamelito says:

    >A more contemporary touch control method has been included (ship moves at the speed of your finger).
    Not my cup of tea, other can better comments here.

    >Joypad has been redesigned to take advantage of the unused “black” space and is now fixed in a position. It functions in portrait mode.
    Arcade like joystick a la Sword of S0dan would have been nicer 🙂

    >Difficulty has been reduced and is now called: Cadet, Lieutenant, Squadron Leader (=Amiga). The collision is “softer” on the two easier difficulties, and on these two only one “weapon unit” is lost when hit (instead of “half” your weapon strength). On Cadet no bullets are fired upwards. Bullet speed is also reduced and there are 5 lives.
    Nice additions, still not finished the game but I’m getting better.

    > All buttons have been redesigned (both options and in-game).
    Nice but where are my arcade like buttons ? 🙂
    >On-screen instructions give simple indications on how to use the buttons etc.
    Interesting but I don’t know if the casual user will get it, it’ll be better if you’ve some sort of finger animation showing how to do it, or at least animate the button (push position) with a two seconds count down for autofire

    >There is a link to http://www.cope-com.com under “options”.
    it works, but don’t hardcode the url make it parameterizable (just in case)

    >Except for on the “Squadron Leader” difficulty your ship only has to only “touch” the “Enter here” sign to enter (not stay over for a short while).
    Nice addition it save me a missile.

    >Loader picture is not more retro-like with no “smoothing”.
    a lot better 🙂
    >App name changed from BSONE to BattleSquadr1.
    joker 🙂

    • Cope-Com says:

      Hi Kamel, Thanks for the detailed , systematic… and quick… feedback 🙂 The idea with “on screen instruction ” icons instead of text may as you say be more user friendly 😉 We will see what we can do. When you do complete Battle Squadron ONE you will see what the name of the sequel is 🙂


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