5 thoughts on “Polls”

  1. Too bad I can’t get want I want that way 🙂
    There’s many abandon ware mag on the Internet as I’m french I could dig review of your games if interested.

    PS you could have been a psychologist 😉

  2. is the missile kills everything onscreen?
    I die if I use the missile and go fastly over the powerup ship.
    It a bit bizzare that when you’re in an area where there’s a lot of enemies bullets and you fire a missile every bullets disappear at once, I know that on Amiga its due to sprite limitation but on the iphone its strange as at one time the screen is full of bullet then nothing, there’s no transition like bullets fading or being destroyed (animation)…
    It would be nice to have the cadet settings by default.


    1. The Nova-Missile does not as such destroy everything at once. Rather each “fire ball” functions as normal missile, that however persists when hitting something. You therefore cannot just “fire” and then fly into anything you want 😉 I think this makes pretty good sense.
      Yes, the enemy bullets do disappear, and on the Amiga it was indeed due to sprite limitations 😉 To not change the game too much I think we will stick with this, though there could be more elegant solutions… Also, most players probably would not notice since they are often “pushed in a corner” when using the Nova-Missile 😉


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