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  1. Hi,
    I’m no musician but at the end of the intro muzak there’s a looping problem (the one who start with the speech).
    I’m not sure of the exact name of the instrument, remind me of a “snare” instrument like in soundtracker.
    It’s at the very end
    PS who did the voice “welcome to BS”?

    1. Hi Kamel,
      The looping prob is due to mp3 compression. For some reason most likely due to compression data, mp3 adds a tiny gap at the end of all mp3 files, therefore making smooth mp3 looping nearly impossible. For looping WAV format is much better, although much more data extensive than mp3. It is Rons voice you hear in the intro 😉

      1. Hi,
        I was quite sure, don’t know why that Martin did converted all the game including the replay routine so for me it was Amiga datas with replay routine converterd to C.

  2. Hi
    1) Play BS (music is playing)
    2) Pause BS is on hold the music too
    Second scenario
    1) Play BS (music is playing)
    2) Quit BS and combeback, or receive a call, notification, return to BS the game is pause but the music is still playing


    1. Yes, that is indeed correct. Nicely spotted 😉 I noticed myself during the coding… and tried to fix it. It however seems that the music is restarted automatically (somehow) when returning from notifications etc. Since it is causing no harm I decided to leave it like it is 🙂

      1. Don’t tell me that a brilliant mind like yours don’t wanna know why it work like this 🙂

        1. LOL… Well, I did try to fix it for a couple of hours, and figure out why it was like that. But in the interest of saving time I however decided to “let it go” 😉

  3. How about a feature to listen to the muzak or sound effects I want to ?
    I may not want to play but just listen the muzaks, something simple, one icon per muzak/sounds effects ? 🙂


    1. That is indeed a nice idea… and a bit “old school” 🙂 As you know the tunes for intro, game, and partly game over, are easy to hear. Don’t know if we should allow playing of “winner” tune unless the player really beats BS ONE 😉 For simplicity of menus etc. I think we will leave it as is now…

      1. OldSkOOl rulez 🙂
        I’ll wait for an update then keep some of these so you’ll be able to reach customers with good news and made them replay BS often.

  4. 1) Launch BS do nothing (virtual joystick)
    2) Game over
    3) BS braviest aviator appears while playing the game over muzak (which I love, maybe the best game over muzak with monty on the run one)

    1) Launch BS using virtual joystick
    2) move the joystick constantly until you die
    3) still move the joystick
    4) you hear a click (like when you click the button on the settings panel)
    5) Game over muzak is playing but there’s no highscore, you switch to demo mode the game over muzak is playing.

    This is also reproducible in touch mode but not in tilt mode

    I love this song so much, so please don’t fix that bug :), well I post it in case you find a bigger bug behind that one. (ie side effect)


    1. Wow! You are really finding your down some normally unexplored alleys of the game 😉 Yes, since you are moving around with the joypad it “counts as” you are making a “touch screen to continue” (point 4). Yes, point 5 is a bit odd. I will have to take a closer look… maybe it should be fixed after all 😉 Thanks

    2. All the sound and music has been specifically optimized/reproduced for the iOS. All other versions on our site etc. is only preliminary iOS testing and not the final which appear only on the iOS betas 😉

    3. I can reproduce this bug… which is a good thing 😉 Looking into resolving it… a bit mysterious stuff at this point…

      1. Problem has been solved 🙂 Some old Amiga code logic did not fit the new iOS code logic for “touch screen to continue”… or is it vice-versa 😉

  5. It seems to me that the music is mono.
    I mean if I handle my iphone in portrait mode and if I put my finger over the left speaker, the music is barely audible, meaning that nothing come from the right speaker.


    1. Is the Muzak in mono? It’s stereo with my earphone but putting my finger on the left speaker I barely hear the Muzak while the other speaker is free


      1. Hi Kamel,
        According to iPhone specs, one is the speaker the other is the mic. Apparently only iPad 1 has stereo built-in speakers. With iPad 2 it is back to only 1 built-in speaker. The reason given is that the headset plug works better for all types of sound peripherals, thus using only one built-in speaker on all devices 🙂

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