Collectors edition is back ! AmigaOS 4.X – PC – MAC

NEWSFLASH! – Battle Squadron collectors edition is back in limited supply!!

Order your special collectors edition today!!

The legendary Commodore Amiga shooter Battle Squadron with the infamous rating on fantastic 109% is now available in a super slick and special CD/DVD Collector’s Edition. Online high-scores, achievements and enhanced HD features all to make this Amiga gem from the past such a retro joy and a true Collector’s item.

“Now Battle Squadron is the best” – Amiga Computing 1990
“Battle Squadron is excellent gaming folks, do not miss it!” – Toucharcade

Battle Squadron collectors edition contains:
AmigaOS 4.X – PC Windows – Mac OS X
Painted goldcolor CD/DVD original seal marking
Unique package seal and handwrapped gift wrapping

EXTRA in DELUXE edition:
A4 poster
Author autographs – Martin Pedersen, Torben Bakager Larsen, Daniel Müßener
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Now on sale for a limited time:

Battle Squadron Collectors Edition – 20.00 euro » 15.99 euro
+ 7 euro

Battle Squadron Deluxe Collectors Edition – 30.00 euro » 24.99 euro
+ 7 euro

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(MorphOS version currently not included)

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