Battle Squadron at Royal Library – one year anniversary

One year ago Battle Squadron was presented at the Royal Library in a celebration of the Danish digital heritage. Twenty years after its release in 1989 Battle Squadron was presented at the Royal Library with other Danish computer games. The event was part of a campaign in order to secure and preserve the country’s digital heritage.
The library is also called “The Black Diamond”. It is a futuristic building fitting well with the digital setting of the day (see pictures). On that date the 10-year anniversary of the building was also celebrated, i.e. Sept 20, 2009. Other games were presented as well, including Hybris, Sword of Sodan, and “Hugo the TV troll”, of which the undersigned also took part in producing.
We are proud of our games being part of this special event and support non-commercial activities to preserve “classic computer games”.

Danish newspaper in reference to the event

Danish newspaper blog on the event

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