The first 2-player split-screen shoot’em up on iPad – Battle Squadron ONE version 2.0

Get ready to destroy the evil Barrax Empire in Battle Squadron ONE… and this time, with the help of your best friend in this special 2-player split-screen version for iPad.

In this version, you can team up with your best friend to defeat the evil Barrax Empire. To succeed you must strategically share weapon upgrades and shoot down enemies together… or you can see who will last the longest if you fight “every man for himself”… against the formidable Barrax…
There are 4 difficulties, including a brand new “Air Commodore”, where you will certainly need your ally to make it through the scores of attack waves of Barrax fighters… and eventually make it to the enhanced ending of the game…
We have also included Game Center Achievements for 1-player mode. There are 36 in total to earn, many of which will only be attainable by the most skilled “Squadron Leaders” among you. To support your conquest all controls have been enhanced, and a new one has even been added.
All this is only $2.99 on iPad. The universal version at $3.99 is also upgraded with this abundance of new features. In addition it now also plays on iPhone 3G and iPod 2nd generation devices.
So get ready to take on the Barrax Empire with your friends, in the first shoot’em up on iPad with simultaneous 2-player mode. “Welcome to Battle Squadron… 2-player !!”

28 thoughts on “The first 2-player split-screen shoot’em up on iPad – Battle Squadron ONE version 2.0”

  1. What about “stealth” achievements, with no more than 3 Nova, 2 Nova, 1 Nova, no Nova (the one that already exists)

    Or stealth without dieing more than 3 times 2 times 1 time, never, is better?

    I need the “i was close” feedback 😛

    1. Well, it sounds like you were getting close in making it 😉 We could of course make it easier to allow use of one Nova or allow being hit once… buttttttt, I don’t think so 😉

        1. As the coder I have the advantage of being able to activate cheat mode, and then it is no problem 😉 To be honest I have not “done it” myself without cheat. I however think it should be possible for the best players. On Cadet there are not that many bullets, and generally there are not so many flying enemies on the surface… It is a test 😉

  2. Hmm i don’t remember weapon upgrades for both players in the original game!!! 🙂

    It is fun to steal an upgrade from à friend in need 😛

    1. No, there were always just one upgrade on the original… it was Torben’s idea to make it a bit easier for iOS (and maybe more fun for newbies)… but only on the easier difficulties of course 😉

  3. I haven’t tried 2 player mode but will shortly, I was testing the achievements, I completed the whole game as usual and got the 100% completion achievement. Never really aimed for anything else, I have come close to the 3,000.000 score with out trying so maybe my next goal is to bump that 8.3 million score, my goal is to hit 10 million, don’t hold me to that but that is my goal :P.

    Hi Martin, you guys just keep wowing yourselves with this game.. I hope you do a version 2 in Hybris for 2 players that be cool, I hope I didn’t spoil an early update for everyone :P.

    Any chance for a Hybris 3 or something in the future I could help with some ideas *hint* *hint* :P, still confused with the Battle Squadron being a Hybris 2 or not, would have liked to see a Hybris 2 heading. I like the weapon upgrades in Hybris which I think it was #4 with the spinning weapon that blocks bullets and stuff that was a nice touch. I hope you get into new games further down the track, would like to see Torben get into some more pixelling again without getting into any 3D. I am a huge fan of pixel art which was one of many glorys of the amiga. It’s good to see alot of people still out there keeping 2D pixel art alive.

    Happy birthday for when you hit 41 :P. I recently turned 36 a couple of weeks ago, I think I was only 12 when I first played Hybris and thanks to you and your team I was always late for school playing them all day and all night haha. Hybris and Battle Squadron was one of my show off games for the music as I had a decent audio system back then too. Now I have my own cinema room it gets played alot still haha.

    Can’t wait for the 2 player online mode to come out for Battlesquadron, how would that work, will there be any way to know who you are playing with ? would like to fly with you someday 😛

    Keep up the good work all of you.

    Zro Dfects

    1. Hi Zro 🙂
      Shhh… don’t spoil it. lol Sounds good with your goal reaching for 10,000,000 score 🙂
      Have you tried the new Air Commodore level and made it to the more intense ending?
      Always very nice to see your dedication towards these classic shooters and it is greatly appreciated. 🙂
      Time will tell how exactly Hybris will be wrapped.
      Keep an eye open when the beta round starts with Hybris, although no date yet..

    2. Good luck with 10 million! 😉
      I am feeling alone now in the number 1 position 😀 apart from lieutenant where i guess i need to beat a new score above “fieselbach”
      Love the new achievments!!! I am working My ass of for the the stealth-achievment. Damn that one is hard. It is mostly the partly invisible planes that troubbles me. Anyone that has manager that one?!?!?
      Air commodore is as i once refered to it “damn hard”. But it is fun 🙂 separates the men from the boys, hehe. i have not manage to complete any inner levels yet though, and one have to circle around the upper level one whole lap until one can dare to enter the first innerlevel!
      Gotta play some more *poff

      1. Hi Vakum.

        Congrats on being number 1 :).

        I have however “Got you in my sights” :P, I have destroyed the Barrax with ease as I did back in the Amiga days but my next mission is to destroy 1st place hahaha.

        What is the stealth achievement ?, is that the one where you have to go through the game with out any ships being blown up including yourself? pretty much a dodging race.

        I must try the new Air Commodore though.

        So you have yet to finish any of the inner levels ?, my tip for you is to do a lap or so until you have all the “M” bombs that you can carry because you may need them, I mainly only use them on the enemy bosses, especially the final boss as he shoots more bullets than the Terminator, which I believe is Martins work shhh don’t tell him I said that. After you finish one of the inner levels, collect all your “M” bombs again before you head back in and repeat again :). I do find the Ipad2 version to be easier than the Amiga if you using your finger for movement which helps dodge all the bullets more easily. I find too that the enemy on the ground in the inner levels die quicker if you get up close as they appear at the top of the screen giving you less work to deal with as the flyers come through, again has Martin written all over them haha.

        As mentioned I will try the new Air Commodore soon, I hope it is really hard because I will request an Air Commodore 2 update 😛

        Martin if your reading this any chance of an update with some sort of an achievements leaderboard so you can see other peoples achievements, that would be a nice touch.

        Zro Dfects

        1. 34/36 achievements completed 😀
          Stealth and “Air commander complete game” left… The fun ones 😛
          Yeapp it is the dodging-race. Cadet is recomended i guess, since no bullets are fired when positioned above an enemy.

          Yeah i actually thought that Air commander difficulty would include restriction to original movementspeed of ship. But as it is now, it is hard enough anyway 🙂

          1. Hi Vakum, Yes we did actually consider having Achievements where the movement speed would be that of the Amiga (and bit “retro style”). What about “Completing Air Commodore with Amiga speed”? 😉

        2. Hi again, You guys totally crack me 😉 It was definitely worth the hours and hours of additional hard work for version 2.0. Yes, if “Air Commodore” turns out to be too easy we will of course consider an even more difficult one… could be “Air Marshal” which is the air force rank that supersedes “Air Commodore” 😉 Torben and I did consider some kind of board for the Achievement, but there isn’t really a Leaderboard type solution available. Torben and I did talk about that players could take “screen shots” (hold down Home and quickly push on/off to put image into your picture roll) of the Achievements of the most difficult parts of their lists and post them here? Torben, are you still up for that? Martin

      2. Hi Vakum, Very happy to hear you like the new Achievements 🙂 Everything in the game has taken some time to make, so nice to hear somebody appreciates it. Yes, the stealth Achievement is a funny one… think we got the idea here from the forum 😉 Any more ideas for Achievements are always welcome for version 3.0… also for the 2-player mode where maybe the focus should be a bit different… Yes, “Air Commodore” was intended for exactly that… separating the men from the boys 😉 Martin

        1. What about an achievement for finishing the game upto 5 times instead of just the once all within the same game of course not play from scratch every time?.

          It was a great idea to add achievements and the new Air Commander, as awesome as the game already is, the more you can do in a game the more replay value they have, especially for new comers. 2 Player online should be a great added feature.

          The music selection in the options is great too, now I don’t have to die just to hear the cool game over music 😛

          Would you consider new selectable play modes such as for example maybe a vertical mirror mode which what ever was on the right now appears on the left and left now on the right etc, since playing the game for a while you kinda get used to where the ships will appear which will add to the challenge or/and maybe an upside down mode where you shoot downwards instead of up. Just a thought.

          I tried the Air Commander mode and yeah she sure is hard, I am pretty sure that I will never ever finish the game in that mode let alone get through the outter surface. I noticed Vakum got a little over 1,000.000 top score for that also, I am about 7th at the moment, I hope to get 6th within the next 5 years lol.

          1. Hi Zro, Great to hear you are making progress on “Air Commodore” 😉 Yes, “total scores” would be great, like the “5 times completed” you mentioned. What about how many times you hit fire? … could be 10,000,000 for the first award … about the time your finger would start bleeding 😉 “Mirror mode”, that is an interesting idea. Will have to see what we can come up with 🙂 Martin

          2. In tiny wings there was an achievment to manage a couple of levels upside down 🙂 i guess autorotate must be switched off to enable that.

            For Air commander, one must spend alot of Nova missiles on upper level just to manage to get greater weopons, once you got that, you can collect Nova missiles, by then you can enter an inner level 🙂

            Yes i like the complete game 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, (5 times ?!) achievments!

            I also would like (and see if it is possible) to kill ALL enemies on the surface in one lap, without Nova missile.

              1. Achievements for the different levels seem interesting. What about no nova’s on the each of the inner levels only and any other achievements that people can think of just for the inner levels, this in turn will make people enter the inner levels more as I can bet that most people stay on the outer surface.

                While the upside mode might be a great idea, what about a side scroller mode facing at the left side and going to the right instead of up or down, that will give Vakum more chances to hit the first place position again lol. We could call it Battle Vakum Mode haha.

                You could also have all of the new modes added to the game in a way you have to unlock them for say completing the game 100% and then they will be available which again getting more people into those inner levels.


                With the 2 player online mode will there be or could there be some sort of meeting lobby where you can chat and get a game ready and waiting for someone to join or will it be some sort of drop in drop out kinda of setup ? Maybe you could get Ron to do a voice for the lobby you know “Welcome to the lobby” haha, his voice should be more used.

                1. Side scroller mode seems like a whole other game… and we prefer vertical 😉 Unlocking of new modes or Achievements is a great one when for example completing the game… It goes on the list 🙂 Not sure exactly how the 2-player joining will be set up, but love the “Welcome to the lobby” idea… really great 🙂 … Maybe we need a new post… getting a bit narrow in the text 😉 Martin

    3. Hi Zro, Great to hear from you 🙂 There is still some work to do for the online mode and it will require some heavy coding to make it work properly… not sure there are any other games with so much on the screen running every frame (60 fps), where you can play online, so will be a challenge 😉 I dont’ know if I would be up for playing against you… think you would totally annihilate me 😉 Martin

  4. Hi Kamel,

    Thanks 🙂 Yes, it will be nice to relax a bit after finishing up version 2.0… and let all the players do the hard work to complete the game now 😉

    Did pass 40 a while back, and rapidly approaching 41… hope you will get that iPad for your birthday… so you can try out the 2-player split-screen 🙂

    Merry Christmas… soon…


  5. Hi guys
    Well done !
    My birthday is on february, plan to get an IPad to test that 2 players mode with my kids.
    Martin you should/are 40 now? What a comeback!
    Time to rest now and enjoy X-Mas.

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