World’s best retro shooter out now for Android !!

UPDATE NEWSFLASH: Version 1.1 just out on Google Play!! Now functional on Android 4.x (we sincerely apologize for the wait). Also includes Xperia Play control and minor bug fixes.
Cope-Com is proud to announce that our world renowned shooter of the Amiga era, Battle Squadron, receiving an amazing 109% rating, is now available for Android – on Google Play
After releasing the iOS version to retro fans all over the world (92%, including new players, rated it 5 stars !!) we now have the Android version ready. We have conserved the highly praised gameplay exactly like on the Amiga, while at the same time adapting it to superb play on mobile devices. New online enhancements include online Leaderboards and Achievements.
What the press said about the iOS version:
4.5/5 @ – “Battle Squadron ONE is excellent gaming, folks. Do not miss it”
5/5 @ – “A fantastic shooter which beats the vast majority of its modern day equivalents hands down!”
5/5 @ – “Those that love retro shooters will also enjoy this game incredibly”
And the original Amiga version:
109% @ Amiga Computing (2:10) – “Now Battle Squadron is the best”
90% @ Info (31) – “It’s expert execution and addictive playability”
90% @ The One Amiga (56) – “Battle Squadron is so addictive that you just can’t stop playing”

Battle Squadron ONE plays on Android 2.2 and above and includes:
– 2-player split-screen on tablets (world’s first !!)
– 4 fantastically detailed levels to fight your way through
– 4 highly diverse “bosses” to defeat… and scores of different enemies
– 24 different weapons (4 types of 6 grades each) + Nova Missile
– Several control options, including “2x direct touch”
– 4 difficulties (“Squadron Leader” is exactly like on Amiga)
– Über-difficulty mode: “Air Commodore”… with surprise ending
So engage and destroy… and to those of you who remember: “Welcome to Battle Squadron !!”

3 thoughts on “World’s best retro shooter out now for Android !!”

  1. Crashed on my Transformer Prime, right after splash screen, so I had to get my refund. 😦
    I so wanted this to work! Maybe later, then…

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