Battle Squadron 2 also called Aviators as a working title, runs in Amiga halfbright mode. Which means +32 extra shaded colors on screen.
Note: Check “Project status” section for updates.

Aviators post-production ingame character.

Note: Final result may differ from what is shown here.
Female Aviators character.

This was the sequel in the works to Battle Squadron, i.e. Battle Squadron 2 (with the working title “Aviators”), as it looked on the Amiga back in 1990 when we stopped the work. The game runs in “half-brite” mode with 64 colours. Regarding the game play, we were planning on having two playing-modes, one where you “punch” enemies to allow conservation of their weapons/energy for your own aviator, and one where you shoot as in a conventional shoot ’em up. Now in 2010, we have revised the game entirely and are starting “anew” (see website for details).

98 thoughts on “BS2”

  1. You should really consider to release this on the Amiga 1200 and for the OS4.1 Amiga One X1000. The Amiga community is growing more and more for each day, the A1200`s are selling like hot cakes on Ebay every day and people want them for playing games on them. I`m sure many will pay some money to download ADF files or WHDload version of this game, i know i would buy it in a second on the Amiga 🙂

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