Cool things that other fan gamers have done.

Clips and cool remixes

Hybris and Battle Squadron ringtones

Great SMS Jingles to download

Battle Squadron bonus

Battle Squadron lostlife

Battle Squadron cool

Battle Squadron here we go

Hybris startup

Hybris over

Hybris lost

Hybris go again

10 thoughts on “Remixes”

  1. Hi all players,
    We have been squeezing the buttons and have a fresh new Club version of Battle Squadron ONE “game over” CluB 2011 (snip)

    Enjoy πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Ron, please don’t tease me with that song, it is so awesome, I can’t stop listening to it :P… To think just the melody was one sample that just used coding effects in the tracking program to give it that hawaiian-ish style up ‘n down wave. Only you could think of that. Excellent job man… It actually does sound like a ‘game over’ tune that would suit any game and makes you want to play the game again just to die lol….

      Zro Dfects

  2. I would really like to know how Ron came up with the ‘Game Over’ music for Battle Squadron. Did he have the idea first or just played with a few sounds and worked on a few peices and things started to form from there.

    I use to die in the game so many times just to hear the song haha, I was the best worst space fighter in history and I blame Ron for this πŸ˜› thanks buddy lol….

    1. Hi Zro,
      lol, about your story πŸ˜‰ Actually I do not know it either how Ron came up with that wonderful “game over” tune. In the iOS version the score is in full length and 100% like the original. Try listening to it with headphones.. in fact the whole game with headphones πŸ™‚
      Maybe we should ask Ron on the background for his highly praised scores πŸ˜€

      1. Well if Ron is happy with the ‘Game Over’ tune as I would be, he probably won’t tell you how he did it lol….

        Also to let you know that I will be getting an Ipad2 soon so I can buy your Battle Squadron game and hopefully help in some way with Hybris in the future. I won’t lie, I am not a fan of Apple or Ipods & pads etc. But I want to get the Ipad2 to show my support for you guys and help spread the word. I have already spread the word about BS-ONE around many Youtube vids to hopefully get more people excited for you… I have also placed a link to here from my website also.

        I am going to help you in anyway I can to make your legendary work live on, especially for those who never experienced the Amiga days. I heard some people bought Amigas way after it went down to see what all the hype was. You guys should be remembered for the memories for the work you did and remembered you shall be πŸ™‚

        I have a strange question though that I think only Torben might be able to answer. I have wondered about this for a long time…. Back in the day before games hit floppy discs how did games play from a cassette tape? How did it hold the information to play and due to not being actual memory in some way how was it limited to what you can put into game?

        I will leave you with that lol.



        Zro Dfects

        1. Hi Zro I saw your comments in opposite order, so answering a bit “back in time” here… in more than one way πŸ˜‰

          Astounded and very pleased you would by the iPad 2 “just” for playing Battle Squadron… you are a true fan – we will do our best to have the games keep coming πŸ™‚

          The tape thing is really quite simple. Just like an old modem (and faxes still) would play sounds over the phone line to designate the bits, the bits were recorded on the cassette tapes as sounds in the same way…

  3. I remember listening to these all day and all night, probably the only gaming music I have ever listened for an entire day and for months at a time…

    Sure beats any gaming music you hear today, and some were even made in movie quality studios and orchestras etc and yet they don’t even come close. Even though the Amiga was limited to certain amount of audio channels it was still enough to create masterpieces. There were no songs that could have been better because they were already perfect…

    I would have given my right arm to work along side anyone who created graphics or music for the Amiga. I would be the person that would be hard to kick out of your home or office because I wouldn’t want to leave, my eyes and ears would be glued to everything that had to do with Amiga…

    With next gen consoles now and whats to come I still think we have gone backwards… Amiga was pure entertainment with over 3,000 games. After Amiga it all just went down hill from there.

    Paul Van Der Valk and Ron Klarens, I honestly hope you got awarded with excellence for your music because you deserve it more than anyone else. It was guys like you along side Martin Pedersen and Torben Larsen that made Amiga what it was and to show the future how it was meant to be done, but going by today’s music it shows you can’t improve something that was done perfectly the first time. I applaud you……

    Zro Dfects

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