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  1. Hello there!

    Perhaps it’s useless since it’s a beta version, but I have some request concerning the main menu picture and ALL the buttons.

    Why the beautifull fullscreen picture with “battle squadron” logo looks like “filtered” (or blurred) not like crisp graphics during the game? I think it will be waaaaaay better to have to picture with “real” pixel (even on retina display) than a kind of upscaled version…

    Also, I’m sorry but I think all the buttons design doesn’t really fit with the style of all other game graphics, and for some of them it’s a bit hard to understand what they mean before testing them 😀

    I think the best (and easier) solution would be to replace all buttons by text using that oldskool (but so much nice) bitmap fonts, with changing colors if enable (or something like that).

    One last thing, when you are in portrait mode the game screen is centered, so we get black border on the top and the bottom of the screen.
    Perhaps it will be good to move the screen to the top of the screen and let all the empty space on the bottom free for my big finger, so I can see and avoid bullet who comes from behind my spaceship 🙂

    1. Hi Rez,
      The intro screen has some small motion blur fx added to indicate speed and to compensate a bit for the higher pixel resolution. I’ll do some testing on it. 🙂
      Symbolic button icons was prefered over text display to try to make it “universal” in meaning. Not an easy task… I might add 😉

      1. Ho I see, yep graphical button doesn’t need to localize text 🙂

        Well, so perhaps can you change button style by adding a more proper “oldschool” feeling by using same style as the Amiga version menu?

        screenshot here

        1. That was considered, although being on a smartphone and a touch device. Buttons with symbols that somehow reflected this was viewed more significant than Amiga buttons with text on it. Interesting point though.. 🙂

  2. What’s with the intermittent red flashing on the screen? Is that supposed to happen? Honestly it’s a bit annoying, and kind of detracts from the overall visuals.

    1. Yes, it is a feature 😉 It is also on the Amiga version (though slightly enhanced under iOS due to the small screen). It is when you kill one of the major ground enemies that “supply” a “bonus pick-up icon”. It is to give the effect on an explosion, but it can of course (easily) be turned off or reduced 🙂 It is also used when the Nova-missile (=Smart-bomb) is fired…

    2. … And also when you activate or de-activate auto-fire… maybe that should be removed…

      1. I personally don’t think you’d be taking anything away from the game if you got rid of the red flash. I am curious about the auto-fire, though. How exactly do you enable that?

        1. Okay. We will consider to remove or reduce the red-flash… However note that on the Amiga version a few reviewers actually noted this as something “cool” 😉 Auto-fire is activated/de-activated by holding fire for about a second… Sometimes it can apparently also happen on its own 😉

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