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  1. It’s minor but
    Launch BS
    Before the loading screen, the screen is becoming black and we can see the top iphone status bar (carrier, clock etc) in white.
    Other games do not show this bar at launch

    PS I just add one more thing, surely a known issue but in case, launch BS once your at the start page click on the iphone button, BS quit, click on BS icon the game start then quit automatically.

    1. Yes, the appearance of the bar is a small thing… but one that also bothered me 😉 It was fixed right after beta1 was sent out 🙂
      The second issue is due to multi-tasking behavior and should also be handled better now… though still some small issues to be solved… 😉

  2. Ok then The bug is That The ennemies missiles are not blinking due to Amiga DMA sprites limitations 🙂
    Quiet frankly for now it’s very solid no real issues found except the one already sent

    1. The enemy missiles (bullets) are indeed blinking… it should be just like on the Amiga… but maybe I should double-check 😉

      Thanks for your input so far Kamel. They are all valid points where some are on the way to being solved, and others we will have to figure what we do about 🙂


  3. Hi Martin,

    Can’t tell really how to repro but you may have noticed this also, sometimes it seems that the framerate of enemies animation slow down. I’ve noticed this with the one who deliver power up.


    1. The way it was set up on Amiga was so that the sprites (enemy bullets, your ship, missiles) were moving every frame. It was simply was not possible to have the enemies move every frame, due to technical limitations, so they move every second frame. Since the iOS version is an exact replicate of the Amiga version this “artifact” has been transferred 😉 … to give 100% the same game play…

  4. Hi Martin,

    This is correct, so its a feature and not a bug.
    I noticed though that if I didn’t touch any buttons that by default its the left one who disappears. Maybe the time is too short because left handed person will maybe prefer the left button ?


    1. The time before the buttons disappear is of course easy to change… If a left handed person touches the button just once this one will stay on the screen (and the right one will disappear). I think most players would hit fire once within the required time 😉


  5. Hi,

    Play on landscape mode
    Change rapidly back and forth to portrait and landscape mode
    Result :
    In landscape mode : Instead of having the usual buttons on the right and left border, the missile and fire buttons will not being displayed on the left
    In portrait mode : The left fire button is not displayed same goes for the magnifying glass at the top


    1. Hi Kamel,

      After about 20 seconds most unused buttons disappear. This always includes the Zoom button (player should decide early on what zoom level they prefer). Also, the unused group of Fire/Smart-bomb buttons disappear (left or right in Landscape mode). Could this explain what you see?


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