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Here you can write or comment on the game experience and ranking in Battle Squadron ONE and share it with the rest of the Battle Squadron ONE game community.

Top 20

(Ranking updated 30.01.2012)

01. 4,677,275Vakum.
02. 3,625,375Daytona675xx
03. 3,377,975 – Fieselbach

04. 2,725,800 – Sobtanian
05. 2,464,975 – ssicko85
06. 2,447,050 – vin.shinobi
07. 2,441,750 – Army Hans
08. 2,176,950 – dngrs
09. 1,528,225 – breathofj
10. 1,353,350 – hsarret
11. 1,291,225 – Deftoopl
12. 1,152,800 – MysteryBiro
13. 1,123,150 – s.raufeisen
14. 1,120,525 – Anonymous
15. 1,100,150 – Kuifje3
16. 1,044,250 – zedblade666
17. 997,900 – Decca UK
18. 966,350 – bbr8297brmprie
19. 931,400 – Vejleboldklub
20. 909,200 – Js-God00

For live updates and more players listed please log into Game Center on your iOS device

58 thoughts on “Squadron Leader”

  1. Omg, at 2.9mil i became so excited that i was gonna beat daytona that i died…

    1. I fully understand the immense pressure at that point… Would have been great to kick Daytona down the list 😉

    1. Oh, I see. Had to tackle a harder competition though: “Lieutenant” Sobtanian had to be squashed. Too bad I didn’t see him approaching earlier 🙂

    2. You call that “closer”? You must be joking 😉
      But maybe my point of view is a bit distorted. Maybe it’s just “A small step for Daytona675, a large step for gvakum”…

      1. Damnit, you are increasing the gap :S
        I am working on a new strategy now: “Avoid bullets”. Oh yeah…
        Another strategy atm is: “do not get killed by the second ammoupgradeenemy all the time”.. Has happened each time i’ve buildt up the “let’s beat daytona strength” lately 🙂
        Doesn’t your thumbs hurt now? Mine does 😀
        Also, been playing on my iPad but my luteinant score is actually from my iphone (alot harder)

      2. (Avoiding too large indentation)
        “doesn’t your thumbs hurt now?”
        No, since a motocycle crash six years ago I have not much feeling left in the left hand 🙂

      3. Ok, copecom: we need to classify different handicaps with different scorefactors that are multiplied by the final score. I would suggest that daytona with his superhuman thumb should get say 0.6 points per point. Fairly reasonable.

        Another thought btw: is there a way to get score per pixel traveled? Or %time spent in inner levels, etc etc… Would be fun to see as extra info for each leaderboard entry!

        1. Yes, Daytona does seem to have some kind of superskill 😉 The answer to the other suggestion is, that there will be at some point “achievements” added to Game Center. Exactly what they will be is a little uncertain at the moment. Creative inputs are welcome 🙂

        2. “I would suggest that daytona with his superhuman thumb should get say 0.6 points per point. Fairly reasonable.”

          That’s fine with me. Check out tomorrow’s cadet leaderboard (or log in now) 🙂 With your 0.6-factor I’d still be #1 cadet at least 🙂

      4. Achievement ideas then: complete game without novamissile, survive upperlevel without fire any shots, kill 100% of enemies in a level (at least upperlevel is possible),the usual x amount of enemies killed, x amount of bosses, x amount of picked up yellow stuff, kill all tanks in upperlevel, kill all towers, all vehicles etc, complete game without extra loops on upperlevel, complete game 2 times in same round, travel one million pixels hehe

        1. Hi Gvakum, All very good ideas… I think we will implement most of them 🙂 What about: complete subterranean level starting with smallest weapon and no firing of Nova missiles 😉 Like the last one, mostly for fun… travel one million pixels… that is quite a novel one 🙂

      5. Yes, Conrad’s ideas sound fine!
        What about some score multiplier, maybe depending on how fast you destroy enemies in a row? Hm, will change the scoring-mechanics massively though. Maybe not a good idea after all.
        Or bonus points if enemy bullets just scratched your ship?
        Challenges: complete game with weapon X only, counting after first extra selection.

  2. Aaargh, first, i played cadet and scored 2.3m, only to see that i was not loged into gamecenter at that point :S then i figured that squadron leader is the shit (coming at you daytona,hehe), but then those damn green f******rs came from behind and totally stole 2 lives in a few seconds, and then i was screwed. To much hangover to continue with a third try today though 🙂
    Damn, this game is fun 😉

    1. “Damn, this game is fun”… Maybe that should be on the loading picture of the next release 🙂 Yes, those green f******rs can be quite annoying… I agree… That is also partly the point 😉 Sorry, that you lost your score by not being logged… since I am really hoping that you can give Daytone some competition 😉

      1. True, that’s the point. It would be really boring if one could complete the game on first try though, based on 15 years old knowledge 🙂
        however, i find it rather easier than original game since you actually can move the ship over the screen much faster. Might be compensated by me always getting killed in the lower right corner 90% of the times due to my fingers hiding some enemybullet, hehe. À request: ability to remove buttons that one doesn’t need so area can be used for stearing.

    2. Looks like I cannot rest on my laurels for much longer 🙂
      @Cope-Com: “Damn, this game is fun TM” sounds a bit (but better) like nvidia with their “the way it’s meant to be played” 🙂

      1. Nope, you need to shape up and get back in business very soon 😉 Wonder if Apple will accept the word “Damn”… Yes, it does indeed sound great 🙂

        1. Most likely Apple will accept it… but I bet it will be rated 16+ then for use of “explicit” language 😛 (like a game I did the programming for two years ago which was rated 12+ because one of the comic characters is holding a cigar 😛 )

          1. I think we will stay away from that then… too much trouble 😉 By the way, I am considering an even tougher difficulty – one where you will not even be able to complete the game a single time 😉 Even got an excellent name for it… but more on that for the coming upgrade… Martin

            1. Ah, that sounds like a game-mode that suits me 🙂 Hm, let’s do some name guessing: “Darth Vader’s Aspirant”, “Master Of Desaster”, “Deathstar Commander”, …

            2. interestning =) A request is a “slower plane”. As it is now, it gets rather easy to move all over the screen in 1/2 a sec. As i recall, the maxspeed of the ship was way slower. That alone would make it much much more difficult.

              Will it be a “Damn hard”-difficulty? =P

              Btw, started with manual fire yeasterday, as daytona said, it is easier! I must wait for my thumbs to heal, then i am hoping for an even greater score 😀

              1. Hi Conrad, Yes, the speed of your ship is maybe a bit on the high side… so maybe it should be adjusted down a bit, i.e. have a max. speed while still being responsive. Yes, on the Amiga the speed was slower, just like the tilt and joypad on iOS. Players have gotten a bit used to a 1:1 response on the screen, so that is why the speed is high on touch 🙂 Yes, manual fire is definitely better for the “professional” player… but wait out for the “Damn hard” upgrade coming soon 😉

      2. Hmm, maybe i should spend some hours looking for a place to activate the keyboard and enter castor first 😀 *searching

        1. Good one 🙂 We actually had a simple cheat-mode in the beta-version, but I removed it 😉 Since you would never get hit you would also never finish the active game and come on the highscore list…

  3. Hey guys how about a youtube video of you playing, this way we’ll know your tricks 🙂

    1. 🙂 There’s no trick involved. The thing is: I’m used to play bullet-hell shmups, so BS-type of shooters are rather stressless… And somehow I really still remember all passages in BS from my childhood. Weird how some things get burned into the brain (and more important info gets lost instead 😉 ).

      Anyway, taking a video from the iPad while obscuring the scene with my hand is maybe not so interesting. Is there any decent video capture app for the iPad you can recommend?

      1. AFAIK you can’t do it on Ipad without jailbreaking it, the Ipad2 has video output.

        1. Great idea to see a master in play… and as of now I think can see from the lists who that is 😉 Yes, the iPad 2 should have video out. Actually “older” devices also have the capability, except that it is not available for developers to use (one exception is playing of YouTube videos). A video or TV-out would be nice in any circumstance, so something to think about if the feature becomes more “open” in the future 🙂

          1. Why not add a game recorder to the app? Such a recorded session won’t become too large in that case here. The player can then choose to upload it to your server and other users could download and replay it. Of course it’s some work to do, but most of it can be implemented in a way to be useful for your upcoming game projects as well. I wrote such a system for another iPhone game a while ago, it was used for instant replay and playing against a friend’s “ghost”. And the per object per frame state dataset in BS is certainly pretty small, I bet 3 to 4 bytes are sufficient for most objects.

              1. That is of course also possible, and strictly speaking very simply 🙂 I does however take up quite a bit of data to record say 30 minutes of video… and it is actually a bit tricky to play slightly from the side to not obscure too much… did it several times for the YouTube video 😉

            1. It would be possible to set up a game recorder… and actually only 5 bits of raw data (4 direction + fire) are needed for each frame, so no problem there. There would be no need to record enemy movements, since the random generator is reset for each play. Playing against a friend’s “ghost” is an interesting application of this idea – except in BS ONE this player would look rather “confused” after a very short while 😉

              1. Aaaah, good perfectly deterministic integer and fixed frame-rate code 🙂 Now sit down and hack!

                1. Well, I think most players of Battle Squadron ONE would prefer to get the expected 2-player version first… so will have to finish up that first 😉

  4. Hm, this is not totally up to date… I just squashed “likwtwz” with my 1260525 🙂
    Curious how long it takes to update.
    Cheers, Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel, Yes it would be great if could be live 🙂 At this point we will have to make do with daily updates… I hope it should be ok 🙂 On a related note, I cannot even see your #1 score yet on Game Center… since there is some lag (sometimes?)… but I believe you 😉

      1. Ah, the bottom “14. Me”-entry indicates you are posting game-center screenshots from your device here? Hm, does Apple STILL not provide a way to load that data via some webinterface? Because that was the reason (besides some other limits) why we chose to build our own highscore server in our last production (about one year ago now).

        1. Hi again Daniel, Yes that would be a lot more elegant if that was possible… but it is not as far as I know. Anyway, I will soon get kicked off the list, even if my latest score is about 200k 😉

          1. Yes, your 200k should be gone rather quickly, especially since I almost doubled my score to 2350400 a few minutes ago 🙂
            How comes you’re so, hm, mediocre playing your own game? I mean, you should know the enemy behaviour pretty well since you implemented it… Or are you getting old, losing reflexes etc.? 😉

                1. Actually I was too lazy to use manual fire until yesterday, because I thought it had no benefit (rule: “real squadron leaders use all available weapon modes wisely to fullfill their mission”).

                  But then I tried it, and surprisingly it’s even easier that way, it gets you a slightly higher shot frequency 🙂 Thanks for pointing me into that direction, my new Cadet-score already shows the difference quite well, maybe I got time today to adjust my other scores too 🙂

              1. The most important but unwritten rule is:
                “Real squadron leaders are ranked #1 and don’t get killed before” 🙂

                1. Nice try on a “counter move”… but that does rather strongly indicate, to the world !!, that you indeed use auto-fire 😉

                  1. See above 🙂 Since yesterday when I changed to manual fire I score higher 🙂 Bad luck, guys!

                  2. Damn, I entirely missed that post… I totally give up and surrender to the BS ONE master!! 😉 My only means of domination now is to code a cheat mode that always submit (in my name) your score + a random number between 10k and 100k… but that would of course be cheating 😉

            1. I am just checking out the competition before making my move 😉 Well, actually the last few days have been much about get the game out, so actually little time to play Battle Squadron ONE. I will take by revenge… even if I got a bit rusty 😉

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