Change of development platform

Change of development platform and game design
After careful consideration regarding our game in development, we have decided to move our new “shoot ’em up” project onto a broader platform than the Amiga, i.e. to C/C++ and OpenGL.
The reason is that it opens up doors to many new and exciting game features, and new ways of working. It will allow the technical and design freedom we think is essential for a modern game, just like Hybris and Battle Squadron “back in the days”.
This specifically means that we will depart from the Amiga for Battle Squadron 2. In the same move we have also decided to completely change the game design of Aviators, which was the working title, and start over fresh.
In doing so we will shortly present a clip on YouTube of how Aviators looked on the Amiga back in 1990 in its very early phase of development.
We are still using great Amiga development tools for especially the graphics and will continue to do so, in order to bring that special shine to our upcoming game.
Thank you for your interest and support in our past and future work. It is more appreciated than you can imagine.
Best regard,
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