A fresh take on Cope-Com

To bring Cope-Com into the future we have designed a radically new company “intro”, which can be seen in this Youtube video.

Cope-Com as a company goes back to the late eighties. This was long before the Internet, smart phones, and advanced graphical productions. Things have dramatically changed since then.
The vision of Cope-Com is “Building on retro”. For our future game releases on iPhone/Android we wanted to clearly visualize this vision. The resulting company “intro” can be seen on the YouTube link.
In keeping with the retro line, “connoisseurs” may be pleased to hear that Torben Larsen did the design/graphics and Ron Klaren did the sound. These are the people who took on the exact same roles in the original Battle Squadron from 1989 – a game which is currently in production as Battle Squadron ONE.

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