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Top 20

(Ranking updated 29.11.2012)

01. 8,374,700 – Vakum.
02. 7,989,900 – zedblade666
03. 7,738,475
04. 6,926,950 – 5lyOn3Two
05. 6,679,675 – DeccaUK
06. 6,611,025 – Emperor K Palpatine
07. 6,355,600 – Taciturne
08. 6,327,875 – ssicko85
09. 5,851,825 – Tommes1969
10. 5,820,825 – KeeperBvK
11. 5,653,775 – Mad Dog Ale
12. 5,606,350
13. 5,462,575
14. 4,810,500 – Me
15. 4,766,475 – bbr8297brmprie
16. 4,700,150
17. 4,697,575 – Bootrix
18. 4,642,350
19. 4,484,900 – OURRRTTT
20. 4,401,250 – nicabarney

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22 thoughts on “Cadet”

  1. Love the new update! Awesome job on two player mode. This was my first game on the Amiga and this version is sweet with the quick response. Can’t wait for other releases your team is working on.

    Like Conrad said, red was my favorite as a kid, but yellow is preferred twenty years later. Can’t believe it’s twenty years later and showing my son this game and it is still cool. Not too mention I never made it so far with the joystick that never went the way you pushed it ( at least that is what I said )

      1. Hi Sobtanian, That is just too brilliant 🙂 I think we have to do iCade now… there is just no way out of it any longer 😉 It is already on the to do list, but this post definitely gives it another kick closer to the top of the list…

        1. Oh wow, yes yes!

          I looked at the “SDK” for the iCade: It actually just emulates a BluTooth keyboard, with each direction representing a key press. The SDK is just a word document explaining what each direction represents as a key. (

          There is a forum thread on TouchArcade ( which has an up to date list of iCade-enabled games. I think you’ll make them all there VERY happy if you show your intent to support it.

          I really can’t think of any better game to play on the iCade than Battle Squadron. In fact, I’m keeping off trying to beat the Squadron Leader boards until you support the iCade 😛

          Thanks again.

  2. Yellow all the way for me! Ever since 1989!
    I’ve played this game almost daily since then (seriously), I even bought an Amiga 600 last year specifically to play this – instead of on Amiga Forever.

    Awesome game. One thing I want to mention (I did tweet about it) is that on the iPad 2, this game is much faster than on an iPhone 4/first-gen iPad.

    I have all 3 devices at home and I’ve been comparing. With the iPad 2, when the bullets speed up (eg Squadron Leader) they are much faster than on the other 2 devices. The same applies for enemy movement speeds and aggression (for eg how quick they shoot at you after appearing).

    This makes the game almost unplayable at higher levels on the iPad 2. To get my scores, I’ve had to use my wife’s first-gen iPad. I hope you can fix this soon.

    Also, huge, huge PLEASE to support the iCade! I’ve got one pre-ordered and I can’t think of a better game to play on it! For example, a special iCade vertical mode with either a fully-stretched picture or cabin art instead of the grey borders/button area. That would be just PERFECT.

    Right, off to try and reach the top of the Squadron Leader board!


    1. Hi Ali,
      Thats awesome to hear that you actually bought a generic Amiga just to play Battle Squadron 😀
      Thanks for the info on the speed difference on the various iOS devices. Something in which we will adjust in the soon to come update version.
      We went through an intensive beta-testing round – link here : trying to rule out various issues and it did not appear to be significant at the time..
      Thanks for noticing and telling us about your own gaming experience. It is much appreciated 😉
      Once the soon to come update with even better controls and multi 2 player mode has been released, there is a good chance of us looking at iCade, but no promises yet.

    2. Hi Sobtanian, Thanks for the feedback… Blows my mind you have been playing Battle Squadron almost daily… For 22 years!!!! 🙂 A bit surprised about the iPad 2 issue. Is the background also moving faster? Just trying to home in on the issue 😉 Good point that the button areas are actually not needed on iCade 😉

      1. Oh, my love affair with Battle Squadron is long and deep, mainly cos it was the very first game I saw running on an Amiga 500, and my jaw dropped. I’m still amazed as to how awesome it is, everything about it is top notch 🙂

        And yes, I even bought a GP32 Wiz so I can play it in bed on an emulator.

        You have no idea how much this game means to me and my friends – thank you once again. I’m grateful I have this opportunity to thank you in person, rather than thank your avatars at the end of the game 😛

        Please have a look at this entry in my blog about amiga/your game

        and Please support the iCade! 😛

        Also, only the enemies/bullets are faster – the background/my ship seems fine on iPad 2.

        1. Well, it is also exceptionally great for us to get this kind very positive feedback 🙂 So thank you for that 🙂 I just read your blog entry. Truly an amazing story… And narrative 🙂 Highly mysterious with the iPad 2. Must be some setting, but I don’t see right now how it would only be on iPad 2…

  3. Ok, no lives left at 4.x million, with red weapon level 3 i entered the upper level only to realize that the bulletspeed now is sick, and the only level left before the 3rd visit of the boss was that damn green inner level with those f****rs coming up from behind. The green buildings is firing like 16 bullets at the same. How how do one beat those towers??? So anyway, i spent 20 minutes on gaining at least one extra life, prayed to god, entered the level, and got killed. Yepp. As expected. But while i was on my killingspree for a new life, i reached 5.7mill at least 😀 whey!

    1. Oh yeah, i dropped autofire last week… It’s unplayable with autofire, and at this part of the game everything is kind of up to kill enemies before they even appear on the screen to prevent them from firing bullets 🙂

    2. “How do one beat those towers???”
      Not with the red weapon 🙂 The green or yellow are better. Red is okay for surface-levels where there are just popcorn-enemies.

    3. Yellow is my favourite =)

      I have a sort hate-love for Red. It used to be my favourite as kid, but not anymore. Red can be mastered but for inner levels it’s not that good since you often want to aim at 1 single enemy with all the power. One have to be a daredevil and position the plane very very close to the enemy, then most bullets will hit it. This works if you know the hitrate of bullets, and in what directions they’ll go but it is impossible later in the game since there is noway one can react in that bulletspeed.

      Never liked green… I have always felt that Green ammo lvl 5 is better than lvl 6 .. but that can’t be so? or? maybe crappy coded 😉

      Blue just looks cool 😀

      1. Green lasers are for those quick moments of rapid bursts of intense straight forward beams blowing everything up (almost) on their path. Good for the bigger bosses 🙂

  4. All luck and no skill, made the 2 mill mark :oP Wonder if ipad has an edge over 3.5 devices?

    1. I have played both and the only actual difference for me is when the ship is in the lower right corner and My thumb that i uses for steering is covering it on the iphone! At the same time it is easier to navigate over to the other side of the screen quicker with the iphone since you don’t have to move your thumb that much!

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