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Here you can write or comment on the game experience and ranking in Battle Squadron ONE and share it with the rest of the game community.

41 Responses to Daily Leaderboards

  1. Peter Lawsom says:

    So, has Hybris for the IOS turned into vapourware, or is there a chance it will be released?

  2. Ari-matti salmijärvi says:

    At last! i have been lookin for this and all the other old amiga classic games!thank you soooo much!i am ready to buy more of these!!

  3. Mick says:

    Wow, only today did I found out this game was
    available on smartphone gaming and it
    made me jump up In the air and celebrate.
    The last time I played this game was back
    in the late 80`s and I would play it so much
    till my skin on my thump pealed off. Guys
    this truly is an achievement and especially
    the way you retained its originality. What can
    I say, you guys are awesome. I always knew
    this game will never die and now you just
    proved me right! Highly satisfied and keep
    up the great work.

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