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  1. Today I’ve done in Cadet mode :
    All time tab : Me “794,400”
    This week tab : 794,400
    Today tab : 474,300

    I should have the same in today tab no?

    1. That would also fit my logic 😉 When I first started with GC I also had the feeling that it would not always update the scores (right away). I could for example not see Torben’s scores until we signed up as “friends”… then it was immediate. I think there may be some lag sometimes, but in this case it of course makes even less sense since it “knows” the scores… unless they are on different servers. It is unfortunately not anything I can do something about, but I think in practice it should not be a major concern 🙂

  2. Not very proud of it but I found a new button problem during my dream
    You need to ship BS before it’s too late 🙂

  3. All bugs below verified fixed.
    * Solved issue with updating of game settings, specifically synchronizing between settings in BS ONE and under the iOS settings menu.
    * Solved issue with latest movement continuing, though e.g. joypad no longer touched, when returning from e.g. phone call.
    * Solved issue with game-over tune and leaderboard being skipped if player continued to hold down e.g. joypad after loosing last life. This also caused the game-over tune to be played during demo play.

    1. Thank you for re-checking… and identifying them in the first place 🙂

  4. Don’t shoot me guys, but I found the splash screen a bit intrusive, I mean the white background is killing my eyes especially if you’re in the dark like I am right now. (loading screen)

    1. Well, maybe it is good to stand out among other games and their splash screens 😉 Another issue: when do you actually manage to get some sleep? … can see all your recent posts 😉

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