Battle Squadron ONE – iOS/Android

As the sci-fi adventure continues…. once again the brave pilots of Battle Squadron must stand up, engage and fight those nasty looking Alien monsters in order to save the Earth.
Working on porting the classic games to various formats.
09.04.2012 Battle Squadron ONE was released on Android
04.07.2011 Battle Squadron ONE – on App Store version 1.0
06.05.2011 Battle Squadron ONE – NEW pre-game graphics
21.03.2011 BS ONE beta-testers identified
03.03.2011 Battle Squadron ONE beta-testers
04.01.2011 LIVE iPad DEMO – Battle Squadron ONE – game completed
30.11.2010 LIVE demo of Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone
03.11.2010 Hybris and Battle Squadron fan remixes
12.10.2010 A fresh take on Cope-Com
17.09.2010 Battle Squadron ONE – iPhone/Android, developer’s demo
07.09.2010 Battle Squadron at Royal Library – one year anniversary
26.08.2010 First mobile release – Battle Squadron ONE
05.08.2010 Hybris and Battle Squadron Ringtones
22.07.2010 Battle Squadron on Mobile devices
09.07.2010 “Lost” Art from Battle Squadron
28.06.2010 Aviators (Battle Squadron 2) on Youtube.
13.06.2010 Added post on game change.
22.05.2010 Added female character screenshot.
14.05.2010 Screenshot Aviators post-production ingame character.
08.05.2010 Development will continue on a general development system.
06.05.2010 Testing various game developing specs on Battle Squadron/Battle Squadron 2.
Testing original/extended/extreme version + new levels + new design/game.

Copyright 2013 Cope-Com

87 thoughts on “Battle Squadron ONE – iOS/Android”

  1. Hello Cope-Com,

    I already bought a licence of BattleSquadron One on IOS… do you have to buy another licence for Android ?

    Thank you !!!

    1. I forgot to mention : I’ve an Iphone 4 (with BattleSquadron purchased on ITunes) & a Nexus 10 🙂 whithout BattleSquadron (toooo bad !!!)

      1. Hi Deelite,
        Thanks for your support 🙂
        Unfortunately it is not possible to take the game from one system like iOS onto another different system like Android when making a purchase.
        On your Android tablet Nexus 10 you would have to purchase an Android version/license.

  2. Hello Boys,
    I just bought a Nexus 7 tab, and Battle Squadron as well of course (as an Amiga owner since 1989) !
    I briefly tested it yesterday, and as expected it’s absolutely brilliant !
    One thing annoyed me though: the screen only rotates to a single side (left side of the tab if you see what I mean). It seems we can’t make it rotate to the right side, wich could have been useful with a propup stand tablet case cover…. 😉
    Best regards !
    Jerome (FRANCE)

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