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Celebrating 25 years of Amiga music and graphics

Cope-Com produced Hybris for the Amiga home computer in 1987-88. Battle Squadron followed in 1988-89. Now 25 years after it all started we are making the highly celebrated music and graphics available in an online shop.
Click image to purchase for instant download
The music of Hybris by Paul van der Valk and of Battle Squadron by Ron Klaren became instant classics back in the late 80’es together with the graphics by Torben Larsen. We are amazed from time to time that it has already been 25 years ago since it all started. To celebrate it’s longevity we have added the music and graphics to a new online shop.
All 4 original tunes from Battle Squadron have been remastered. These pieces of Amiga history are just $0.99 each. If you were a fan of the fantastically detailed “pixel graphics” you will be happy to know that the loader picture is available as “wall paper” in 2 different versions + the new “compilation wall paper”. You get all 3 for just $0.99.
In a short while the remastered tunes from Hybris will become available together with the original graphics so please stay tuned. We hope you will enjoy 🙂
All Artwork and music is copyright 2012 Cope-Com and Ron Klaren