Battle Squadron ONE beta-testers

With Battle Squadron ONE nearing completion Cope-Com is looking for beta-testers for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.
Battle Squadron for the Amiga took about 8 months to complete back in 1989. The re-coded version for iOS is now in 2011 taking about the same time to produce and is getting very close to completion.
Although, the gameplay of Battle Squadron ONE is 100% the same as the original, we would like to ensure that the playing experience on the mobile devices is as good as possible. Particular focus is of course on the controls, sound, and menu system etc.
So if you are a lucky owner of one of the following devices:
iPad 2
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3rd generation
iPod Touch 4th generation
… and are interested in becoming a beta-tester, then please send a short description to describing why you are particularly suited for this task. We are looking for about 15 beta-testers in total, both players of the original Amiga version and new players.
Please note, that when you are taken in as beta-tester you will need to mail Cope-Com your 40 digit “Unique Device Identifier” (UDID) to receive the individually generated “distribution” files. These are installed on your device using iTunes.
The submission deadline is Wednesday March 16. Thanks for your interest 🙂

5 thoughts on “Battle Squadron ONE beta-testers”

  1. Good to hear from you again Kamel, We will return with more news as we get past Wednesday March 16th. Thanks 🙂

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