Battle Squadron on Mobile devices

The original Amiga Battle Squadron to be launched on mobile devices iPhone/iPad and Android. After evaluating various options we recently started converting the original Amiga version of Battle Squadron to C/C++ and Open GL for play on mobile devices.
 The original version of Battle Squadron was programmed in Motorola 68000 assembler and was taking extensive advantage of the specialized graphics hardware of the Amiga. By converting the game to C/C++ and OpenGL we allow the porting of Battle Squadron to essentially any format.
This specifically eliminates all the issues there could be in using an emulator.
We do realize that some of you here on the home page have expressed that you prefer Battle Squadron, and our planned sequel, on for example the Amiga… “Thank you for all those comments…” We however feel that this conversion will be a great way to “warm up” and furthermore an excellent platform to later fast-track the development of Battle Squadron 2 onto any format.
Battle Squadron is furthermore named as one of 10 games perfect for the iPhone: Ten Amiga Games Perfect for the iPad and iPhone

Look out for more in the coming weeks 🙂

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