“Lost” Art from Battle Squadron

The image shows preliminary graphics and animations that did not make it to the final game. There were several reasons for this, including shortage of available RAM during the game – only a total of 512kb was available 😉
In those days most game designers and “pixel pushing” artists were using the once famed Deluxe Paint from Electronic Arts. Today’s artistic standards in computer games have of course increased many-fold – at the same time opening up for new and innovative ways for artistic creations and development…
Technical note: the frame around the various objects was a way to select each object and convert it into the bitmap format in the correct size and position, thus aligning animations.

5 thoughts on ““Lost” Art from Battle Squadron”

  1. That would be totally awesome! You guys nailed it with Battle Squadron and its definitely the best vertical shooter for Amiga… Well the best vertical shooter ever!

    The only downside Battle Squadron has is not enough levels – so it would be brilliant if one day there could be a expanded edition with new levels and enemies.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Phes, Thanks for the positive feedback 🙂 Yes, the idea with an extra level is definitely a good one 😉 Martin

      1. Thanks for the response! But don’t stop at one extra level – if you guys have thought of anything new during the past 25 years include that too. The more the better!

        I have tonnes of new Battle Squadron ideas but since it’s your baby I’ll keep them to myself.

  2. This image looks like it could have been a fourth inner level – is there any chance of finishing it off and reinserting it back into the game now the 512K RAM limitation is no longer an issue?

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