First mobile release – Battle Squadron ONE

As described on July 22nd we are working on converting the classic Amiga shoot’em up Battle Squadron to iPhone/Android. The title of the release will be Battle Squadron ONE.
 We have chosen the extension ONE for several reasons. It is primarily to indicate that it will be the first in a series of new planned game developments 🙂
Another reason is that there will be focus on one-player mode. For multi-player mode we are weighing several options for a subsequent release. The add-on will naturally not require a re-purchase for players with BS ONE.
The game-play of BS ONE will be exactly like the original. On the sound side there will be an upgrade to stereo and improved sound.
The “loader picture” will also be updated slightly and will function as the page where the game is started. Start-up etc. will be updated to allow faster play.
Look out for a demo very soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “First mobile release – Battle Squadron ONE”

  1. You have exactly two weeks to release it!

    First, I am about to make a long trip to europe and playing the long waited Battle Squadron in my iPhone would be a blast!

    Second, if you dont release it by then, I will weep as a baby and that will bother my wife, she is a witch with powers. Beware.

    Third and last reason: you can charge whatever you want, Im paying!

    Long live the best shoot em up of all times!!!

    Thank you for this version!

    1. Hi Laos,

      Thank you very much for your patronage… it is always very nice to hear from such a dedicated fan 🙂

      We must however dissapoint you a little bit… since BS ONE will not quite be ready in 2 weeks 😉

      We are however working as fast as we can… and will release a demo-play soon…


      P.S. We hope you… and us… will not have problems with your wife in the mean time 😉

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