Battle Squadron ONE – NEW pre-game graphics

“… preparing your mission to rescue Commander Berry D. Mayers and Commander Lori Bergin and their starship from the alien capture on the hollow Planet Terrainia.”
Upon Beta-testers request and in celebration of more than 20000 web-visitors, we have decided to make new cool graphics for Battle Squadron ONE explaining the strategy of the game. We have put the original Battle Squadron artist, Torben B. Larsen to the task in order to keep the original flow, story and look πŸ™‚
Our web-site has a dual function as it serves both as a “gallery” of our original Hybris and Battle Squadron titles on the Amiga, and equally important to show the progress on current and future work. Most prominent right now is of course our eminent release of Battle Squadron ONE for iPhone/iPod/iPad.
We hope that the interest will continue to grow and that fans of the original games will keep finding their way to the page.
Thanks to all of you πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Battle Squadron ONE – NEW pre-game graphics”

    1. Hi Hans-Verner, unfortunately it seems some issue happened with the ios11 update, rendering the current version invalid. There is no timeframe currently on an updated version. When we have a more specific date it will be posted. Thanks for your support.

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