LIVE iPad DEMO – Battle Squadron ONE – game completed

The game itself of Battle Squadron ONE has now been 100% completed. To celebrate this and the New Year 2011 we have put together a demo of the iPad version.
After much hard work the game itself has been entirely converted and is fully playable from beginning to end with all levels and enemies, incl. the bosses. Now all the remains to be converted are the “in between scenes”, menus, intro, and special graphics effects and sounds.
In our opinion the game looks truly great on the large screen of the iPad, so check out the YouTube video and see for yourself 😉
So watch out for Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone and iPad in App Store… very soon!
Happy New year 🙂

7 thoughts on “LIVE iPad DEMO – Battle Squadron ONE – game completed”

  1. Hi Kamel, See under general thread for first question answer. We had some server problems during the weekend. That is probably why you experienced some problems.

    Hybris is “next up” after Battle Squadron ONE is completed 🙂

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