LIVE demo of Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone

This is the first actual demo of Battle Squadron ONE for the iPhone/iPod/iPad – ready for release winter 2010/11.
Most of the game and device specific features have been implemented on iPhone, including for example the controls.
After finishing the iPhone version we will convert the game to Android and Symbian and extend the game to 2-player mode… just like the original.
So watch out for the great action and gameplay of Battle Squadron ONE… soon in an online store near you… 🙂

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19 Responses to LIVE demo of Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone

  1. Hi Guys!

    Have you seen this:

    Battle Squadron runs on this Amiga emulator for iPhone. Check out the youtube clip. 🙂

    • Cope-Com says:

      Hi Niels,

      Thanks for letting us know. Yes, we feel Battle Squadron is a great game, highly suitable for the iPhone… and Cope-Com will make it a great playing experience 🙂

  2. Jørgen Bech says:

    Battle Squadron running on iAmiga (from 03:00):

    I’m sure your implementation will provide a better experience (and Battle Squadron presumably won’t be bundled with this emulator), but still, there are those who just want to relive their Amiga days and just want a bunch of titles without caring too much about which titles, and this could potentially affect the sales of a stand-alone Battle Squadron title.

    Then again, sales of one title might actually help those of the other. If one gets exposure in the press, the other will show up as well when people go searching for it.

    Who knows. Going to be interesting.

    • Cope-Com says:

      Hi Jørgen,

      Thanks for the info. Yes, we are indeed working on making Battle Squadron on the iPhone/iPad an excellent experience… just like in the old days 😉

      At least the whole thing is giving focus on the Amiga 🙂

      I hope things are otherwise going great for you.

  3. albert wallenstein says:

    hello 🙂

    the video is very good and a alltime amiga fan here.
    i will get this to my iphone.


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