LIVE demo of Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone

This is the first actual demo of Battle Squadron ONE for the iPhone/iPod/iPad – ready for release winter 2010/11.
Most of the game and device specific features have been implemented on iPhone, including for example the controls.
After finishing the iPhone version we will convert the game to Android and Symbian and extend the game to 2-player mode… just like the original.
So watch out for the great action and gameplay of Battle Squadron ONE… soon in an online store near you… 🙂

19 thoughts on “LIVE demo of Battle Squadron ONE on iPhone”

  1. We will make a more formal post later to look for interested beta-testers, but consider yourself on the list already 🙂 There is a bit of info under About, but otherwise we will save that for later 😉

  2. Hi,
    Sure No Risk no fun 😉
    But IMHO moving quickly the iphone up and down is quicker than moving a finger. If you move a finger to trigger bombs then you don’t move the ship while doing it.
    Its just an idea of course in the end its up to you to choose the right thing, but both can be implemented.
    Balancing the game is maybe the trickiest part.
    Keep it up.

    I sent the video to a friend ex Amiga freak and he’s going to buy the game once released. I’ve to convince one more but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

  3. Hi
    We can see in the video that Martin is anticipating its death by seeing that there’s a lot of enemies in the screen, so to survive he touch the screen but too late. How about a feature to activate the full screen bomb by putting rapidly the iphone vertically and horizontally (to be able to continue play). The fact that this activate the full screen bomb let the time to move the iphone back to normal position without being killed. The accelerometer should be able to handle this, IMHO touching the screen is a too slow action to survive in extreme condition, a bit like the Amiga version that needed you to make a circle using the joystick.


    1. Hi again,
      Thanks for the tip… all ideas are most welcome and will be considered 🙂 It is true that “my play” is not perfect, but please note that playing was at an “odd angle” to accommodate the recording of the screen… real life play works is a bit easier 😉

  4. Hi Louis G,
    Thanks for the “fan-ship” 🙂 The control you propose is exactly what we are planning on making… as an option (default will be more Amiga-movement-style).

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