BS ONE beta-testers identified

There has been an overwhelming interest in becoming beta-tester for Battle Squadron ONE on iOS. We have now selected all the testers needed and they have been informed.
It has been extremely nice for us to see the interest people have had in becoming beta-tester for Battle Squadron ONE. Most people have written us detailed “stories” about why they are the perfect testers (sorry, we have not been able to answer back in as much detail). It was really great for us to see this kind of feedback. It truly what is keeping us going 🙂
The diversity in testers and “style” is also quite large, and from many different countries as well. Naturally, there are most testers who actually played the Amiga version in the “good old days”, but there are some new players as well.
The selection of devices, i.e. iPhone, iPad, and iPod, all in the various versions, is also thoroughly represented, with many testers even having multiple devices.
In a weeks time or two the beta-testing phase will begin, initially with beta discussion  on the Cope-Com home page.
Thanks for your patronage and congratulations to those lucky ones 🙂

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